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Sleep-warning, or Why dream about what a snake bites?

Any dreams involving snakes area warning about the future of evil on the part of certain people. These dreams make us disappointed in someone or something ... But is it only to be disappointed? Maybe these dreams teach us something? Let's figure it out and find out what it's dreaming about, what the snake bites.

Very often such dreams help us on timeremember, look around and see: to learn to distinguish the existing traitors from kind and sincere people. Now we will give the most common interpretations of this dream, collected from various sources.

General interpretation

  1. Different troubles, dangers and diseases presage a "snake" dream. Did the snake bite in your hand? Now you can not avoid serious conflicts.
    what does the snake bite about
  2. You will not prove your rightness in any way, if the reptile grabs you by the leg.
  3. If the snake struck you in the back, then betrayal by a friend or a woman is not far off.
  4. The snake, which fell in your sleep directly to your face, testifies to an imminent serious illness.
  5. Do not expect to implement your plans if you got a snake bite in the buttock.
  6. To dream a snake biting someone else, says that you are a gossip and clown. You can seriously hurt people around you.
  7. If in a dream you help another person cope with the consequences of a treacherous snake bite - luck and success are not far off!

And now let me move from the general to the private.

Why is it that the snake bites? Dream Maya

  1. Snakes are your enemies.A huge number of wriggling and intertwining reptiles says that envious people started an unkind game against you. Fighting them promises to be hot. If the snakes start biting you, consider that you lost.
  2. Dreamed a sudden snake bite during a walk in the woods? Soon there will be an unpleasant situation, which you will regret.
  3. Have you a big snake in your dream? Does it hisses and threatens you with its long forked tongue? Congratulations! Traitors trampled you in awe. Quickly identify Judah.
    to dream of a snake biting

Why dream that bites a snake. Dream Interpretation Morpheus

  1. If you dreamed of a snake bite, then in reality you will be disappointed in a close relative or friend.
  2. Seeing in a dream how a reptile bites your companion, friend, loved one - to the fact that those who are around will suffer because of your selfishness and inattention.
  3. If the snake bites you for an intimate place, then you forgot something to do or say in real life.
    the snake's sleep bit in the hand

Why dream that bites a snake. Dream Longueau

  1. The snake's bite is a warning about the merciless betrayal of your friend or relative. If after a bite the snake itself dies - your traitor will have a hard time.
  2. Have you been bitten by a snake in a dream, then you killed it? Get ready with all your might to defend your interests, in every possible way defending your honest name. Know that winning trust will not be so easy.

And finally

As we see, from all the aboveonly one conclusion: the snakes that have dreamed of us in various circumstances are a bad sign. Most often it can be problems with family and friends, undermined health. It is important to know that a snake is a symbol not so much of wisdom as of cunning, dexterity and cunning!

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