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Question to the dream book: what does the boa constrictor look like?

About what the boas are dreamed of, they write in manydream books. After all, this is really an interesting vision. Even somewhat frightening. And it can foretell different events. To understand what to expect from such a vision, one should turn to the most authoritative dream books.

what does the boa

Universal interpretation

If a long snake has dreamed of a person, then you can relax: it only means that new relations await him and they will last for a long time.

It was possible to consider a reptile closer andto determine the breed? This is good, as often this part helps to explain the meaning of the vision. Boa, for example, means a change at work. Most likely, a new project is planned and directed by a dreamer. On the one hand, this is a good dream, because afterwards a person can expect an increase. But on the other - not very, because there will be no time left for personal life.

The main thing is not to see in a dream, as a boa constrictsaround the neck and slowly squeezes it with his "ring". Such a plot usually promises a person the appearance of an evil enemy who intends to take any action, just to "strangle" it. By the way, quite often the best friend is a traitor. His act may turn out to be a shock, and the dreamer will be depressed for a long time. The universal dream book advises to stop trusting people and better look at others.

great snake

Modern dream book

This book of interpretations, too, can tell a lotabout what the boas are dreamed of. If the reptiles just crawled around the person and hissed - then, in real life, he eats enemies, but they will not succeed in harming him.

But to be bitten is not good. A man who wants a dreamer of evil is already close to him. Most likely, he is from a close or even related environment.

Still it is necessary to know, to what the boas which do notnotice the dreamer. That's just a good sign. He says that a person will be in the near future a few steps ahead of his enemies. Thanks to this, he will be able to find out in time on which side to wait for a dirty trick or betrayal.

The main thing is that the dreamer is not attacked by a huge snake. The battle will symbolize the struggle of a person with someone in real life. And the outcome of the battle in the dream can be embodied in life. It is worth to listen to him.

Female dream book

This interpreter can also explain whydreams python. Usually - to complete setbacks. The girl will have to experience a continuous negative in the near future. Perhaps, she will be overtaken by disappointment in the person she trusted.

And what is the dream of a python you managed to kill?Usually to the fact that the girl will manage to cope with all the closest troubles. The main thing is to remain untouched, that is, not bitten. If the reptile has succeeded in thrusting its teeth into a dreaming dream, then the difficulties will not pass without a trace. This explains this dream.

The big snake in the dream lay quietly and did not pay any attention to anyone? Bad sign. Usually, cooling is promised in marital relations. Perhaps the dreamer is seriously disappointed in his partner.

 what does the python dream about

Miller's Interpreter

The python of this book is deciphered as a symbolthe fact that a person will have to solve many tasks in the near future, and still take responsibility for anything. The dream interpretation advises to pull yourself together and be patient - this period will not last too long.

What does the boa constrictor of yellow color strangle?the person? To the fact that soon he will have to make some very important choice. And he can not do it. It will be too heavy. And to prioritize will be simply impossible.

To see a python in the walls of his house is to the appearance of an enemy from a close environment. Perhaps a relative or a friend is plotting against a dreamer of intrigue.

A green boa, which floats in his hand, dreams of drinking. So says the dream book. Probably, something will happen in the life of the dreamer and he will find consolation in the bottle.

sleep a big snake

White Snake: an ambiguous symbol

When in the center of the plot of vision appearsreptile of this color - it means that we must wait for news in real life. Most likely, they will be pleasant. So almost every dream book states. A white boa constrictor can still symbolize wealth.

If a person had some important business,which he long ago abandoned, it is time to renew it. And you can not doubt the result. It will certainly be, since the white boa constrictor is also a harbinger of the beginning of the "bright" band in life.

The main thing is that the snake does not lose the skin in a dream.Usually it portends a mess in life. The person will get confused in the problems and will be bogged down in attempts to solve all and at once. If he does not have the best period in his life, then it would be necessary to change the approach to the matter. Perhaps, if you look at problems from a different angle, then it will be possible to move from a dead center.

By the way, the swirling white snakes areharbingers of fortune. The main thing is that they do not interlock too quickly. Because then the dream acquires a different meaning. A quick white snake promises a meeting with an unpleasant person or a disease.

dream interpretation white boa constrictor

Mystic dream book

Finally - a few words about what tellsThis book is about visions, where snakes appear. If there was a huge boa constrictor that causes horror and fear in a person, then it's worth reconsidering your character. Perhaps you should become kinder to other people. It is not excluded that it was because of the nasty nature of the dreamer that ill-wishers appeared.

When a huge reptile hisses, we must wait for conflicts and quarrels. By the way, when such a vision of a woman dreams, she should look at her husband. Perhaps he got himself a mistress on his side.

As you can see, in most cases the snake is notmeans nothing good. But do not get hung up on this. After all, it is much more important to own emotions, received from the vision. If there is no unpleasant sludge left after sleep, then it does not bode ill.

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