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A snake with two heads: what is it that dreams, what does it promise?

Sometimes we jump up in the morning with horror anddisgust, remembering reptiles, flooded night visions. And why does the subconscious mind form these frightening images? For example, what does the snake with two heads promise, crawling in our astral world? The interpreters do not welcome siblings, considering their appearance as negative. Does such a dream always predict unpleasant events and unrest? Let's figure it out.

snake with two heads

Dream Interpretation: a snake with two heads

Interpretation of visions in which bastards appear,seems rather complicated. Here it is necessary to be guided by your personal attitude to snakes. If in reality they cause genuine fear, discard all positive interpretations. The subconscious mind talks to us in the language of emotions. It tries to select stories that are understandable to a person, not divergent from his usual reactions. A dream book should be read in the light of the amendments.

And what does it say?A snake with two heads is a symbol of evil. You have an enemy. Not only does he flourish with hatred, this man also spreads poison around him. If a two-headed reptile has dreamed, then the enemies unite and make plans to harm you together.

When the vision causes horror, forces toto cope with their aggressive activity, until it is not enough. Care should be taken not to engage in open conflict. It's another matter, if a snake with two heads did not scare the dreamer. Enemies and their black affairs to such a person are not terrible. He will cope with the situation, boldly and honestly speaking against their intrigues.

dream-book snake with two heads

Interpretation of events with a double-headed reptile

Well, when you managed to kill or drive away the poisonoussnake. The plot foreshadows victory over treacherous enemies when the reptile had several heads. If only one falls, and the second continues to hiss and threaten, it means that it will not be possible to completely defeat the opponents. They hide for a time to gather strength and attack again.

The snake with two heads attacked - take care of the purse.Such an unpleasant vision means material loss. Their size is judged by the length of the reptile. The more he was, the more serious the loss is. To get rid of a reptile freak is to defend your income, to catch a thief.

If I dreamed a snake with two heads in an apartmentor at home - something bad will happen in this place during your absence. Most often, such a vision portends the penetration of thieves into the dwelling. Take precautions.

Two-headed reptile fell on you from the sky - the authoritieswill express dissatisfaction. Someone from colleagues will try, the boss will complain to you. On the justice of his "report", the dream does not say anything. If a snake with several heads has enclosed you with rings so that it is impossible to move, then you can not cope with the negative situation. This vision speaks of the lack of strength to fight for their rights.

dreamed a snake with two heads

Does the color of the reptile matter?

Interpreters connect their reasoning with colorsnakes. So, a black reptile, no matter how many goals it has, always heralds serious trouble. He is compared to a messenger of dark forces. To kill such a snake is to cope with a terrible, destructive evil. Strangled her with your bare hands - overcome your own bad habits or beliefs. We used weapons in the struggle - we will be able to help a friend.

A white two-headed snake means a difficult choice.He does not bother troubles, but changes his destiny. You know, it happens, it is impossible to go by two roads at the same time, it is necessary to roll only one. The plot presages that soon you will have to make a choice that will affect the whole future life.

A multi-colored snake about two heads crawling alongthe body of his wife, promises the appearance of twin sons to his wife. If such a plot was dreamed of by a woman, it means that her attentions will be sought by gentlemen, among whom she can not choose alone, without outside advice.

what does a snake with two heads dream about

Dreams about children

The threat posed by the plot in which togetherthere are snakes and offspring. If children play with a two-headed reptile - look after them closely. Evil walks side by side. Bitten your baby's bastard - wait for illness. They managed to protect themselves from a reptile - trouble will pass by.

Finding out what a snake with two heads dreams about,pay attention to the kind of reptile. Poisonous bastards always mean danger. Anaconda is spiritual knowledge, if it does not attack or threaten. Oh, or another harmless snake is a symbol of wisdom. A woman with a vision with such a reptile offers the right tactics in the family relationship, for men - the adoption of the right decision in matters.

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