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Israeli airline El Al: passenger reviews

El Al (EL AL) was established inIsrael in 1948. It operates flights to more than fifty destinations around the world and delivers around 5 million passengers a year to its destination.

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The Israeli carrier, based inBen-Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv, is one of the most reliable in the world as it operates in the region of constant conflict in the Gaza Strip in the presence of a constant threat of terrorist acts, which include aircraft hijackings. Nevertheless, around the world employ over 70 airline representations, and flying its flights is considered prestigious. It belongs to private individuals.

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Service of passengers

Excellent service for customers offersthe airline "El Al" ("Israeli Airlines"). The onboard staff is always friendly, helpful and benevolent. All employees pre-pass special courses of hand-to-hand combat and defense, have all the skills of behavior in abnormal situations. These requirements were presented by the leadership of the air carrier after the hijacking of an airplane in 1968. It should be noted that this was the first and only case of such freelance situations.

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Airplane Airlines fleet

The aircraft fleet includes Boeing aircraft. Two 737-700 aircraft, 15 Boeing 737-800s, 5 Boeing 737-900s, one Boeing 747-400F and 6 Boeing 747-400s.

El Al also has Boeing 767-300 and 777-200, each with six airliners.

Ensuring safety of flights

  1. Pre-flight check of passengers is carried out withwith special care and often in a separate airport area. In particular, in Moscow Domodedovo flights "El Al" depart from the gate number 12, which is separated by a glass fence. Almost all pilots of the airline are military pilots, excellent professionals in their field.
  2. In each flight together with passengers, El Al sends six armed aviation security officers - special-purpose fighters.
  3. All airliners are equipped with a steel floor, which separates the luggage compartment from the passengers. Baggage, belonging to citizens of foreign countries, is inspected with special care.
  4. In aircraft there are systems of infrared counteraction to missile attacks.
  5. To complicate the penetration of the cockpit, the Israeli airline El Al equipped an aircraft compartment with a crew with an additional door, on which a combination lock is installed.

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Interesting facts about "El Al"

For the first time in 1990, a historic flight to Moscow was made, before that immigrants traveled to the USSR via Warsaw or Vienna.

Since 1991, the airline "El Al" has been carrying outrescue operations through regular flights to Addis Ababa. These flights carried Ethiopian Jews through the "Shlomo" program. In 1994, the airline plane brought on board more than a thousand rescued.

Feedback on the work of the airline

For a long time and successfully operates the airline "El Al" inMoscow - passenger reviews mainly contain information that the safety requirements for boarding this air carrier are among the highest in the world. Accordingly, the reliability of the air carrier and the calmness of flights are provided to all passengers who intend to use the services of this company.

Passengers who used the services of El Al,were satisfied with respect for people of retirement age. Flight attendants help to find places and arrange things. For persons with disabilities, the chairs for relocation are mandatory, and other feasible assistance is provided, in particular with regard to the delivery of baggage.

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Despite the objective positivethe characteristics that the Israeli airline "El Al" is different about, the reviews about it throughout Russia contain, unfortunately, not only positive information and expressions of gratitude.

Basically, passengers touch on the topic of passingregistration for airline flights and baggage screening. Many clients literally had their gimmicks torn out, unfortunately, it should be noted that in most cases this was done very sloppy, back things were laid out somehow.

Nevertheless, despite everything said above, and also taking into account the fact that luggage can not be hung on luggage, no comments on the loss of suitcases were encountered in the responses of tourists.

Many tourists noted the care andthe employees' alertness both in the registration area and on board the airliner. All issues arising during the flight are resolved quickly, in an expeditious manner.

At the customs control is veryclose inspection of passengers. To some it seems a humiliating procedure, but it must be understood that it is not carried out to humiliate customers, but to ensure flight safety. Most of the passengers understand this, so it's not against such regulations.

Employees ask a lot of questions during the passagepassport control. In this, again, you should see not only a minus due to the duration of the procedure, but also a plus - in terms of ensuring safety when boarding.

On board an aircraft

When the passenger has already entered the plane, the toneemployees of the airline is changing. In addition to impeccable service, delicious food is also offered. Passengers are offered a roll of pita, hummus, garnish, meatballs, a cake or a cake. Wine and other standard drinks are served, which are offered more than once. Before the flight, you can order a kosher menu. If you are a vegetarian, there will be no problems in providing such dishes. All can be ordered in advance.

All announcements are broadcast in several languages, including Russian.

Many tourists noted the high professionalism of the pilots, who put the plane very gently.

All clients are offered rugs and pillows. On board the liners of the company "El Al" there is always a fresh press in Russian.

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