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Awesome Guangzhou: attractions, history, advice to tourists

Recently more and more Asian countries are attracted bytourists from all over the world. China was no exception. Guangzhou, Shanghai, Chongshin, Tianjin and, of course, Beijing are amazing cities that have preserved great monuments of the past, traces of many generations, an amazing and distinctive culture and at the same time combining ancient heritage with high rhythms of modern life, advanced technologies and the most courageous developments .

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The ancient city of Guangzhou is an economiccenter and the largest port of South China. It is located in the Pearl River Delta, near the South China Sea, and is the administrative center of Guangdong Province. Guangzhou, whose attractions can hardly be seen for one vacation, is becoming an increasingly attractive tourist destination of China.

Historical essay

The city of Guangzhou was founded around the 3rd c. BC. e.At the time of the Middle Ages it was a commercial port, from which the famous Silk Road began. At the beginning of the XVI century. in Guangzhou, the attractions and riches of which attracted many adventurers from Europe, penetrated the Portuguese. And in 1684 the East India Company founded its own trading post in it. Since the XVIII century. the port of Guangzhou became the only place in China, where the merchant corporation Gonghan foreign merchants were allowed limited trade. At the end of the XIX century, a revolutionary bourgeois-democratic movement began here. In the years 1938-1945. The city was under the occupation of Japanese troops. Today it is a prosperous cultural and industrial administrative center of China. And Guangzhou, which attracts tourists from all over the world, can be called one of the most famous tourist zones of the Far East.

Attractions Guangzhou

What is it that attracts tourists to this city?As well as the majority of ancient settlements, certainly, first of all surprising color, unusual culinary traditions, motley souvenir shops, hospitality of natives. And also monuments of architecture, temples, museums, huge statues, parks ... Guangzhou, whose attractions are so numerous and diverse, will not leave anyone indifferent.

Mausoleum of the Han Dynasty, the tomb of King Nanyue

The tomb was built about 2100 years ago. The museum has more than 5000 relics found in it.

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Chen Castle

A perfectly preserved monument of Chinese architecture, which is more than 100 years old.

Jenghai Tower

Tower of the times of the Ming Dynasty - the state museum of the city.

Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum

Traditional palace, built in the form of an octagon. The building was erected in memory of Sun Yat-sen, the leader of the Chinese revolution.

Monastery Lyubunsy

A beautiful temple with the highest in the city carved pagoda and a bronze statue of Buddha.

Baiyunshan Mountain

A picturesque place. The peak of the mountain is covered with clouds. Here the Botanical Garden is organized.

Dongfang Park

Large amusement park. It is located at Baiyun Mountain.

The Lotus Mountains

A unique park in place of the ancient quarries. The place taken under protection is full of huge hewn stones resembling lotuses in shape.

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Yuexiu Park

The largest park in the city with a lot of trees and flowers. Location of thematic exhibitions, collections of flower growers, artists, craftsmen.

Temple of Guangxiosis

The largest Buddhist temple, built 1,7 thousand years ago.

Yunta Garden

One of the largest gardens in China, opened in 1995. Rare plants are grown here.

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