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Gennady Goncharov is a professional hypnotist

We are witnessing a truly amazingtime. We live in large cities and are always so diligently busy creating our own and unique way of life, which sometimes seems as if many simply forget about real and important values. How surprisingly quickly we learned to get used to everything new and so sadly soon forget all the old. Agree, this is like madness, but in one way or another the social order is subject to a single law - the law of force.

Moscow School of Hypnosis Gennady Goncharov

For those who are interested in understanding the primordial valuethe words "power", people who believe that the most important investment is a pragmatic contribution to themselves, to the improvement of intelligence, the growth of personality and the discovery of superpowers, there is a specialized school of Gennady Goncharov in Moscow. Here everyone can learn not only hypnosis, but also a variety of different spiritual practices. The only thing of its kind, this educational institution attracts the attention of a large number of people looking and willing to go beyond the usual.

Pottery Gennady

Moscow School, which teaches hypnosis,provides not only spiritual practices, but also live communication with an experienced teacher and the founder of the school, in whose face the hypnotist and the best psychic of the world Gennady Goncharov appears. He gets a lot of feedback. Most of them are only positive with sincere gratitude. Although it is not a secret for anyone that all religious and spiritual themes have both followers and opponents at the same time.

Unusual childhood of Gennady Goncharov

Gennady Goncharov was born and grew up in a smalla village located in the forests of Belarus in the Mogilev region. His grandmother was a local sorceress, which, in fact, influenced the formation of the personality of the hypnosis teacher. Gennady says that even at the age of primary grades, her grandmother paid attention to his ability to concentrate attention for a long time. Being a child, Gennady always remembered grandmother's words: "Do self-regulation."

Gennady potters hypnosis

The thorny path of instruction

Gennady Goncharov argues that while stillchild, with the help of only the power of thought, he could move the arrow of the compass. The very arrow showed obediently the direction that Gennadiy mentally chose. To date, many experiments have been carried out in the field of quantum physics, and similar phenomena are given special attention. Perhaps in the future mental abilities will become fully explainable and provable behavior.

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In his life Gennady Goncharov long timededicated to discovering the potential. His hypnotic powers are amazing. All this was given to him with great difficulty and effort. As an exercise to strengthen the strength of his gaze, Gennady stared at the tip of the pencil stick for six hours in a row, without blinking. Gennady often calls himself an "antihypnotist." This is explained by the fact that today the overwhelming majority of people are already in a state of sleep, which is the result of mass hypnotization.

Public sleepy paralysis

It happens because in our life tooa lot of television and the Internet, where all the information is presented with very intrusive advertising methods. Subsequently, people become zombified and lose a conscious thread. For example, many are convinced that eating harmful food is absolutely normal.

Moscow school of hypnosis Gennady Goncharov

Therefore formed a vicious circle, in whicha person harms himself and experiences suffering, is precisely the consequence of what Gennady Goncharov is talking about. Hypnosis can be used as a means of awakening.

The magic of the human eye

Having mastered the technique of focusing attention, still inyoung age Gennady Goncharov seriously thought about the appropriateness of its application. For the townsfolk, the word "hypnosis" speaks hardly more than "magic." But if, with the help of science, to examine the visual mechanism of the human eye in comparison with the zoom of the camera of the camera, multiple questions arise immediately. Perhaps, it is not at all mistaken to compare a man with a magician who has experience of such knowledge.

book of Gennady Goncharov

Gennady Goncharov founded many methods fordevelopment and healing of personality. Such as "System of restoring the structure of personality" and "Coding for luck" are in great demand. Today, it is common to meet a close and friends person with an aggressive and paranoid manner of behavior. The methods used by Gennady Goncharov, perfectly help to educate the character and strengthen the health of all those who are ready to change for the better.

Master's Recognition

Gennady Goncharov often recalls the year 1992,when he managed to declare his supernormal powers to the whole world and get a grand prix in Japan. He had a chance to bring into the deepest state of hypnosis an adult man, while not using verbal influence at all, as communication between a hypnotist and a man who had been put to the test required the help of an interpreter.

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"School of hypnosis: the first level" - the fundamental book of Gennady Goncharov.

In total, he has published several author's books, which are available for sale:

  • "School of hypnosis, I step";
  • "School of hypnosis, II stage";
  • "Suggestions: theory and practice";
  • "Encyclopedia of hypnosis";
  • "Hypnosis and self-hypnosis: 100 secrets of your success";
  • "Secrets of the profession of the hypnotist";
  • The course of auto-training "(still in the draft).

Anyone wishing to gain knowledge that can giveGennady Goncharov, can attend an online webinar. Here, people ask questions and practice with the teacher. Training rules and registration information are available on the website of the Moscow School of Hypnosis.

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