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If you lost your passport: what to do and where to go?

Unfortunately, no one is immune from thisrandomness, like the loss of documents. Often this situation is accompanied by a lot of problems, since many of them are needed almost every day. Therefore, it is so important to know if you have lost your passport, what to do first.

Not so long ago it was possible to draw time andwait for the lost people who found the passport to be lost. However, now there may well be fraudsters who will be able to get credit for someone else's documents in a matter of minutes, so it's not worthwhile to delay the treatment to the police. In the local branch of the Internal Affairs Directorate, you must write a statement of loss or theft. In the latter case, you do not have to pay an administrative fine and state duty. However, the case of theft can last long enough, but the loss is checked within a month. Therefore, we should weigh what is more important, time or financial costs.

If you lose your passport, the local police stationwill issue a certificate that will be required for presentation to the passport office. Here you will need to fill out an application and take the forms to restore the documents. In most cases, a list of required references can be found on one of the stands of this service or on the door of the necessary cabinet. Necessarily need a document proving the identity, most often, for this fit a military ticket or birth certificate. Also, if you lost your passport, what can the staff of this service tell you?

In addition to the necessary securities, you will have to payduty in the nearest branch of the Savings Bank (other banks will not work), and do not forget about the photo. All this, perhaps, will take quite a lot of time and effort, since the bureaucratic system in our country is not yet perfect. However, do not despair, in fact, nothing complicated in this.

Here, at the passport office, you can get andtemporary identity card. It can replace the passport, until the document is restored (it can take from two weeks to two months). In doing so, it must be remembered that he has some limitations. For example, you can buy a train ticket for it, but it's unlikely to be on a plane.

Quite often the question arises if I losepassport, where to apply in a foreign city. After all, there may be a situation where a person is far from the place of residence for transit or temporary registration, and the documents are lost. Such a case is much more complicated, but also solved.

Many registration services can sendsuch a visitor to his native city, where he has a permanent residence permit. However, the problem can be solved on the spot. To begin with, it is also necessary to confirm the fact of loss (theft) at the nearest police station. After that, with the received coupon-notification that you addressed there, you need to go to the passport office. Here, if a person has lost a passport, what to do may not be explained, so it is worthwhile to arm yourself with this knowledge.

You can get a temporary certificate not onlyat the place of residence. The nearest registration service can receive remotely necessary notifications, for example, an extract from the residence registration card. Of course, in its passport office, all these procedures will do much easier and faster.

The main thing is to remember if you lostpassport, which is always prompted in the passport and visa service. Here you can find the required forms of references, as well as a complete list of documents (you may need to make some photocopies with some). If from the moment of loss the appeal to the police occurred within a period of more than two months, the fine will have to be paid much higher than with immediate circulation.

If there is any loss, but a new document has already been received by that time, it will be necessary to give it to the staff of the passport desk who can properly dispose of it.

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