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Antifungal means "Ecodax": analogues

When fungal lesions of the skin andNail plates for treatment are used all kinds of ointments and creams. An effective and inexpensive antimycotic preparation for topical application is "Ecodax". Analogues of the drug are selected depending on the type of pathogen of the fungal disease.

Ecodax: description and composition

When fighting with pathogenic microorganisms,causing nail fungus and skin, it is customary to use drugs for external use. At the initial stage of the disease they can be prescribed independently. If the disease has passed into a serious stage, systemic therapy will be required. Antifungal drug, which has antiseptic effect, is "Ecodax". Analogues of the drug are selected in the absence of the original drug in the pharmacies.


The antimycotic agent is released in the form of an ointment,containing 1% active ingredient - econazole (imidazole derivative). There are also auxiliary components in the composition: phosphoric acid, sodium hydroxide, chlorocresol, sodium dihydrate, cetomacrogol, cetostearyl alcohol.

The drug has a wide range of effects,has fungicidal and bactericidal properties. Streptococcus, dermatophytes, yeast and moldy fungi are sensitive to the active substance. With the timely beginning of treatment, it is possible to get rid of pathogens only after 4-5 days. However, the duration of treatment should be at least 2 weeks.

Ecodax: instructions for use

Analogues of the drug may have in the composition the same active substance or a similar therapeutic effect. Preparations based on the imidazole derivative are prescribed for the following pathologies:

  • colored lichen;
  • onychomycosis;
  • dermatomycosis of the skin;
  • fungal infection of the ear canal;
  • erythrasma.

Before the beginning of therapy it is necessary to determine the sensitivity of the pathogen to econazole.

Ecodax: analogs and substitutes for the drug

In Ukraine you can buy a cheap analoglocal production - "Econazole" (gel). The cost of the external means is about 90 rubles. While for the original Indian production will have to pay 180-210 rubles. As active substance in "Econazole" contains the same substance. The drug has the same indications for use.

eco-instructions on the use of analogues

Another structural analogue is Ekalin. The antifungal agent is released in the form of a cream for external use, suppositories and aerosol.

A similar therapeutic effect is possessed by such drugs as Ikonazol, Mifungar, Zalain, Klotrimazol, Travokort, and Travogen.

"Travokort": the instruction

In case of intolerance or ineffectiveness of the doctorcan replace the tool "Ecodax". Analogues based on Icazol have sufficiently powerful therapeutic properties. One of these drugs is "Travokort" (cream). Local antibacterial and antimycotic agent is active against yeast and moldy fungi, dermatophytes, streptococci and staphylococci, the causative agent of erythrasma. According to the instructions, the antifungal agent can be used to treat children almost from birth.

eco-analogues and substitutes in Ukraine

For the use of the cream there are certain indications:

  • microsporium;
  • trichophytosis;
  • mycosis of the skin and feet;
  • pityriasis lichen;
  • rubrophytia;
  • epidermophytia;
  • candidiasis.

Features of application of external preparations from a fungus

How to apply the drug correctly withantimycotic action of "Ecodax"? Analogues, like the original drug, should be used only as directed by the doctor. Otherwise, such therapy will not bring the expected result and only exacerbate the pathological condition.

Before using any product, you need toread the contraindications. Quite often antimycotic ointments are recommended to be used in combination with systemic drugs for the treatment of severe stages of various types of mycoses.

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