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How to create a fence of wood with your own hands

Fence made of wood - one of the important elementsarchitecture of the countryside. Simplicity of manufacture and affordable cost of materials make it the most popular way to protect the territory. However, despite all their positive qualities, such designs are very short-lived, as a rule, they serve no more than ten years. With the use of modern wood protection, the service life can be increased, but in this case, the fence requires regular maintenance. So, once or twice a year it needs to be tinted and treated with antiseptics. Often a fence made of wood, built with their own hands, is used as a support for climbing plants, low decorative fences are also popular, which do not carry practical functions and serve only to decorate the plot.

wooden fence with own hands

For the manufacture of such structures,hardwood. Due to the low cost, coniferous species also became widespread: pine, cedar, larch. If you decide to build a fence of wood with your own hands, you should determine what kind of these products is optimal for use on your site.

Types of wooden fences

Fence. This species is the most common. Such a fence made of wood with their own hands is easiest. It is a spans of several boards, which are fixed on the crossbeams.

Palisade. The name of this product speaks for itself. This is a series of stakes, driven into the ground and located close to each other. For strength, they are strengthened by a horizontal crossbar.

Board fence. Such a fence of wood with its own hands is built of boards, which in a horizontal position are attached to the supports supported in the ground. Fences are often decorated with drawings on wood or carvings.

fence made of wood

Wattle. Such a fence usually has a decorative function and is made of flexible branches of bushes or trees.

Bamboo hedge.This kind of fencing is used on private plots not too often. The material for its production is the stems of bamboo, which are very expensive. Typically, this fence is used only to decorate the territory.

It is easiest to build a fence.Such a fence can do any summer resident. To produce it, you need an edged or planed board, a wooden beam about two meters long, supporting poles, brick and cement for the foundation.

fence from metal profile with own hands

First, mark the place for installationfence. Then, along the selected line, you need to place the support columns. For this, it is necessary to excavate pits with a depth of about a meter, treat the bottoms of the posts with antiseptics and install supports in the prepared grooves, fixing the spacers.

From the boards we make the fence panels. They are attached to the transverse veins. Then the finished panels should be attached to the support posts. Pits for supports are poured with cement mortar.

Like a fence made of metal, with their own handsThe constructed wooden fence has one undoubted advantage. If one element of the construction has become unusable, it can simply be replaced without destroying the entire product.

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