/ How to make a black floor? The device of black floors

How to make a black floor? The device of black floors

Before you finish an apartment or house,it is necessary to think about the choice of colors, so it is worthwhile to draw in advance the interior of all rooms. Very impressive look the floors are black, which will be discussed below.

The right combination of shades

Correct application of black in the interiorwill provide a non-standard and absolutely unique room. So that it does not look gloomy, boring and impractical, it is necessary to correctly combine the floor covering with the surrounding decor, furniture, etc.

Black Floor

Black floor can only be done taking into account the generalrecommendations for use. To make the room look as beautiful as possible, you can not: apply only this color in the design and choose it for finishing small rooms. As for furniture and other decorative elements, it is worthwhile to focus on contrasting colors. The combination of black and white will make the interior win-win, beautiful and original. More specific recommendations on the use of shades for each room are given below.

Advantages and disadvantages

The black floor in the house looks unusual,respectable, elegant and very rich. Among its advantages are: comfort, strength and reliability effect, the ability to play on contrasts by adding colorful finishing materials, carpets, furniture, chandeliers, etc. Such an interior will look bright and spectacular.

Black Floor Photo

The dark sex has several drawbacks:

- it visually reduces the space (the effect can be smoothed by light or striped walls);

- it is highly visible small dust particles, villi, footprints (you will have to do cleaning very often).

If you use a matte finish, then rubbishwill not be so noticeable. Glossy and varnished materials, on the contrary, do not fit: they quickly become covered with noticeable scratches. The problem with dust can be solved by choosing a black matte coating with small light veins or using carpets.

Material selection

Before you finish the house, you needDetermine the material for each room. The best choice is for the floor: tile, filler, linoleum, laminate and wood. The tile is perfect for bathrooms and kitchens, and the rest of the materials are for living rooms. In addition to the dark shade, they can have some original pattern.

Black floor in the kitchen and bathroom should notbeing glossy is very dangerous. It is better to choose a matte and rough surface. In addition, the coating in "wet" rooms should be moisture resistant, durable, resistant to various detergents and easy to clean.


To get a comfortable and beautiful bedroom,you can choose a black floor (laminate, parquet, surfacing). From gloom in the interior will help to get rid of light elements: furniture, carpets, wallpaper, curtains, sleeping accessories.

Floors are black

Black coating can look great notonly with light, but also with dark shades. Do not choose a purely white color, it is better to stop on a cream or white tone, mixed with some other. Excellent revitalize the interior of the bedroom with bright decorative elements. It is not necessary to make floors and doors of the same color - better if they are contrast. The skirting boards should have the same shade as the doors.

Exemplary interior design of the bedroom: a dark finish, white ceilings, wallpaper with black and white horizontal stripes, curtains with a large black and white pattern.

Living room

The living room is a special room in whichbe comfortable and respectable. It should contain rich shades, because they create the effect of tranquility and coziness. The black floor in the living room will look good if you create contrasting combinations and provide enhanced lighting. It is very important that the coating creates a single ensemble with furniture, walls and ceiling. Below are some examples of the design of this room.

Black floor in the house

1. The traditional version is based on the opposite of colors, that is, on contrast. In this interior, bright carpets and colored furniture fit well.

2. Excellent combination of black coating with rich wallpaper and light decorative elements.

3. Quite a harmonious combination - a dark floor and cream walls. You can also experiment with blue, green and turquoise hues. The original white plinth will look original.


On the black floors are strongly visible stains, footprints,so they are rarely used in the kitchen. However, experts advise choosing a material with a small pattern - then the problems will be much less. The black floor looks solid and noble with white, dairy and cream facades. If the color of the kitchen set and the cover is the same, then you can divide the "array" with a contrasting socle.

Bright furniture and black color should be combinedCaution. Although this interior looks impressive, but the owners of the house, he will cause irritation. In the presence of excess space on the floor, you can put a light mat (in the color of walls, facades or any decorative elements). The room looks very unusual when the black tile is laid on the floor and the grouting is done with a contrasting color.

Black floor in the kitchen

Small rooms are suitable glossy floorfloors, laid in a diagonal direction (tile, moisture-resistant laminate, linoleum with a small pattern). Their surface will create a reflection effect and visually increase the kitchen. Expand the space will help the black ceilings and light walls. In this case, it is important to pay attention to the presence of a sufficient number of lighting devices (chandeliers, sconces, floor lamps, spotlights).

To complement the kitchen you can:

- black or bi-color curtains;

- Painted cornice;

- dark pictures, services, vases;

- bright decorative elements.


You can create a beautiful interior and in the bathroomroom, if you make it a black floor (photo can be seen below). The main rule is color harmony. If the choice fell on a dark tile, then on the walls it should be at a minimum. For decoration of walls white is best, and decorative elements can be dark. Do not make the walls and floor of the same color, otherwise the room will visually decrease and will crush.

Black tiles on the floor

In small bathrooms it is not necessary to doblack horizontal stripes. But with the help of vertical stripes, you can zoning space, for example, to allocate a bath, a wash basin, a toilet bowl or even to divide it into zones (for washing, showering, cleaning, washing).

Black flooring is expensive, beautiful, chic. This color should be properly used to make the room comfortable and unusual. Otherwise, the owners of the house will have many problems.

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