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Home Economics Alphabet: How to Clean Iron from Burnt Cloth

How to clean the iron from burnt cloth
Recently, home appliances pleases uswith their chic gifts. Irons today are sold with the maximum number of functions. But sometimes in a hurry, we do not pay attention to the instructions attached to the appliance, or to the tag of the thing, which tells in detail how to take care of it. Have you guessed the end result, which is obtained in this case? Yes Yes exactly. At the bottom of our iron are pieces of burnt tissue. Firstly, this stain looks not at all elegant. Secondly, with such a flaw in the surface, we can damage other things when ironing.

What to do in this case? How to clean the iron from burnt cloth?

  • The most important rule is as follows: you need to act as quickly as possible.
  • Rule two, which also should not be neglected, so as not to aggravate the situation. Different cleaning agents should be used depending on the material from which the sole is made.

How to clean the iron from burnt cloth, if it has a steel surface?

In this case, there are many ways to clean. Let's consider some of them.

  1. Use toothpaste.
    how to clean a ceramic iron
    If this unfortunate misunderstanding has just happened, apply this remedy to the sole, and then wipe the damaged area with a soft cloth. If measures are taken immediately, this method usually helps.
  2. You can try and vinegar.Dampen in it a cloth made of cotton or linen. Put polyethylene on the ironing board, and unnecessary things on top. Carry out an iron on a rag soaked in vinegar. Be careful: if you have a steamer, the substance should not get into the holes for it.
  3. Minor harmless salt "Extra".You can use it only in extreme cases, as you risk scratching the surface. You should pour salt on newspapers or cloth, and then walk on it several times with a hot iron. After the procedure, you need to clean its surface.

How to clean the ceramic iron?

Models from this material appeared on the marketgoods of household appliances quite recently. However, they have already become a welcome acquisition for many housewives. This is explained very simply: ergonomics and a pleasant design cause involuntary admiration. They are distinguished by a high coefficient of slip in the fabric. But ceramics are quite capricious. Pieces of adherent material can permanently damage the device, disable it. How to clean the iron from burnt cloth? You should know that to clean such a device you need to buy special tools. Now there are pencils that are designed specifically for ceramics. It is very easy to use them: rub the surface and turn on the iron. Wait until the plaque begins to melt. And then just wipe the sole with a dry clean rag.

how to clean the teflon coating
How to clean the Teflon coating of iron?

Another novelty is Teflon, whichallows you to iron things in a gentle mode. If contamination has appeared on its sole, it is by no means possible to clean it with household means. For this purpose, there are pencils. Recently, there are also sets for caring for the iron. They are relatively inexpensive. If you do not have any funds at hand, and you need to act urgently, take a piece of laundry soap. They need to rub the hot surface, and after cooling it, wash off the soap along with the carbon.

Now you know how to clean the iron from burnt cloth. But it's better to carefully read the instructions and not to allow such misunderstandings.

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