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Good varieties of cucumbers for pickling and canning: species, description, characteristics

Salted and pickled cucumbers entered ourdiet. This vegetable is traditionally grown on its sites by amateur gardeners and truck farmers who, of course, try to preserve the harvested crop. Many people know that pickling is the most convenient and reliable way of preserving vegetables. But unfortunately, not every kind of cucumber is suitable for this. Because the work does not go to waste, you need to understand what good varieties of cucumbers are for salting and canning.


What are the varieties of cucumbers?

All existing varieties of this vegetable can be conditionally divided into 3 groups:

  • salad cucumbers, which you use best in fresh form or prepare salads from them;
  • pickle varieties of cucumbers for cold salting and canning for the winter;
  • gherkins are universal cucumbers that are suitable for preparing fresh salads, as well as for winter pickling and marinating.

good varieties of cucumbers for pickling and canning

How to choose good varieties of cucumbers for pickling and canning?

Определить, какие огурцы являются засолочными, it is possible on the following grounds. They are tubular, with small black sharp spines, which when fully ripe easily removed. In such varieties there are fewer seeds, and the flesh itself is denser, without internal voids, very crunchy. The length of salted cucumbers is no more than 15 cm. The rind of the fruit is dark green, dense, after salting, it does not lose its rich, beautiful shade, and the cucumbers themselves will stop elastic and crisp. New varieties of salted cucumbers of universal purpose, which have recently come into use, are also perfectly greased. The smallest vegetables are gherkins. Their length is about 3-4 cm. If the greens have white spikes and thick peels, then they do not fit for salting.

Choosing good varieties of cucumbers for salting andcanning, you need not only look at the picture, but also read the packaging. There is a lot of useful information and the purpose of this sort of cucumber.

Also worth remembering about the taste.So, for example, hothouse varieties are more productive, and fruits grown in the open ground are more fragrant and tastier. Therefore, when buying cucumbers for pickling, this detail should be clarified.

cucumber nezhinsky

Pickled varieties of cucumbers

The most productive cucumbers for pickling areNezhinsky and Murom sorts. Their greens grow medium in size and have a thin rind and a fairly dense, elastic flesh. These are ideal options for canning.

Cucumber Nezhinsky

For many truck farmers this variety is better known forname Little Russian. The cucumbers received their name thanks to the town of Nezhin. For a long time, the variety was at the height of glory and was grown almost everywhere. Today, he also has not lost his popularity.

Nezhin cucumbers have excellent taste, excellent marketable appearance and transportability.

Variety description

Cucumber Nezhinsky - very common andhigh-yielding variety. The length of the cucumber can reach more than 2 meters. This is a bee pollinated variety. Harvest is formed 48-68 days after sowing. The collected cucumbers are intended for both fresh consumption and canning.

Flavors and commercial qualities of cucumbers are very high, for which a variety is valued by vegetable growers. It has good disease resistance and endurance to drought.

Type of ovary bundle.Zelenians have an elongated-ovoid shape with a coarse-lumpy surface. Their length can reach up to 12 cm, the average weight is 95 g. The flesh of the greens is very crispy, fragrant and juicy.

The fertility is plentiful and lasting. It is possible to cultivate both in open and in protected ground. Harvest of universal purpose.

By Nezhinskaya dynasty include the following varieties of cucumbers salt-coating:

  • Stage;
  • Nosovsky;
  • Nezhinka;
  • Era.

Their salty qualities are at a high level, the greens have excellent taste characteristics.

Muromsky sort of cucumbers

Cucumber Muromsky is an old Russian variety,which is very popular today. Refers to a fast-paced, bee-dusted, cold-resistant species. Zelentsy, delicious, fragrant. Fruiting occurs in 32-42 days. Murom cucumbers give a good harvest until the second half of August.

The plant is weakly lobed, with short, strongwith leafy whips. Zelenians small, ovate or oval in shape, light green, finely lumpy, with clear light bands. The length of one cucumber is 6-8 cm, the average weight is 50-70 g. The variety is salty, but you can also consume fruits fresh.

cucumber Voronezh

Classic hybrids for canning and pickling

The best classic varieties of cucumbers for pickling include:

  • Altai;
  • Vyaznikovsky;
  • Magnificent F;
  • Voronezh;
  • Coastal.

These varieties are excellent for pickling. In addition, give excellent seeds for subsequent planting.

Despite the many positive salty characteristics, the listed varieties of cucumbers have some disadvantages:

  • The greens quickly turn yellow, so harvesting must be daily;
  • uneven and unstable maturation;
  • resistance to disease is low;
  • compared with the hybrids do not yield such a large harvest.

sorts of cucumbers for cold salting

Variety of cucumbers Altai

Cucumbers are widely known to gardeners because of theirresistance to climate change and unpretentiousness in care. Altai is an early-ripening bee-dusted variety, which ripens in about 35-38 days. Cultivation is carried out in greenhouses and in open ground.

The bushes of this variety are medium-splayed, the length of the whip -up to 1.2 meters. Fruits have an average size (about 9-10 cm), the average weight is 85-90 g, the shape typical of cucumbers is oval-cylindrical. The color of the greenery is bright green, the taste is gorgeous, without bitterness. The rind is covered with tubercles, the tips are white. Cucumber Altai showed itself beautifully when pickling and canning, as fruits can be rolled into small cans.

The variety is quite resistant to many known diseases of cucumbers. The average yield is 5-6 kg per square meter.


Variety of cucumbers Voronezh

Cucumber Voronezh is middle-late,yielding variety, excellent for canning and pickling. It has excellent taste qualities, the mass of the fruit is 100-120 g. The period from shoots to fruiting is approximately 50-55 days.

Modern pickled varieties of cucumbers

Today, the market offers a great varietya variety of seeds, which is why even experienced farmers can be confused. For those people for whom the cultivation of cucumbers is a novelty, the choice of salted seeds is generally unresolved. Some farmers are afraid to use hybrid varieties, but in vain. Most of the modern varieties of cucumbers are endowed with high taste qualities, good resistance to diseases and unpretentiousness to soil and climatic conditions.

Modern good varieties of cucumbers for pickling and canning:

  • The Paris cornichon;
  • Mamenkin's favorite F1;
  • Gypsy F1;
  • Courage F1;
  • Bottle salted F1;
  • Lilliput F1;
  • Funny boys;
  • Nightingale F1;
  • Khabar;
  • Salt F1.

All the varieties listed differunpretentious to the conditions of cultivation and are endowed with excellent taste and salty qualities. Fans of gherkins will like the taste of such varieties as the Paris Gherkin and Lilliput. Their salty indicators are always at the proper height, and the yield will very pleasantly surprise and, until the refusal, allow filling the cellar.

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