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"Nanny" - a mixture for newborns

"Nanny" is a baby food.Dry adapted milk formula based on goat's protein for babies from birth to about a year. It is prescribed by a pediatrician most often with allergies, lactose deficiency, gastrointestinal problems. "Nanny" (mixture) is considered one of the best for feeding babies.

Why Nanny?

Let's consider 6 reasons:

Cause one

Unfortunately, not all mothers can feed theirchildren with breast milk. The reasons can be different. At the moment, the market presents a large number of mixtures for baby food. For some babies it takes a particularly long time to select the right product. Children are very sensitive to any changes in diet. It also happens that the milk mixture causes an allergic reaction, pain in the tummy, constipation and increased gas formation. Therefore, pediatricians recommend switching to "Nanny". The mixture is good because, due to the goat's protein (which is transferred much more easily than cow's), it does not injure the digestive tract, the child is less prone to allergic reaction.

Reason two

As you know, the best food for a childis the mother's milk. When breastfeeding is not possible, parents try to find the best mixture for their child. Mixture for newborns "Nanny" is ideal because it is prepared based on the milk of New Zealand goats. And it is closer in composition and properties to female than cow's. So this product is suitable for completely healthy kids.

The third reason

The composition of the mixture is completely balanced.It has all the necessary and important elements for the healthy development and growth of the baby. To the protein does not give a strong load on the body, its amount is limited and balanced by other microelements and vitamins.

The cause of the fourth

Baby food from "Bibikol" is created on the basis of natural goat milk. All the necessary components and nucleotides are preserved in the production process in the original form.

Reason Five

Country of origin - New Zealand - one ofthe most ecologically clean territories of the world. Goats, whose milk is used to prepare the mixture, receive only natural food - fresh grass and the best grain forage.

Reason Six

The main cause of allergic reactions to cow's milk is a-s1-casein. In the "Nanny" it is almost non-existent, since the product is based on goat's milk.

Mixture of "Nanny": reviews

According to many mothers, after switching to thisthe product in the children normalizes the stool and the work of the digestive tract. In addition, the effectiveness in the treatment of allergies is proved by a number of positive results. Kids like her pleasant creamy taste. "Nanni" (mixture) is ideal for children prone to diathesis, allergies and suffering from increased gas production. Thus the child receives all necessary minerals and vitamins.

What is included in the

"Nanni" (mixture) is made on the basis of dry goat milk with the addition of fat marine fish, lecithin, vegetable oils, iron, zinc, manganese, sodium, calcium.

Vitamin composition: riboflavin, biotin, folic acid, pyridoxine hydrochloride, K1, retinol acetate, cyanocobalamin, tocopherol, ascorbic acid, cholicalceferol and others.

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