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Divination "One card" (Tarot): features, description and reviews

There are 78 arcanes in the Tarot deck.To link them in such a way as to correctly analyze the situation is rather difficult. Beginners are frightened by the abundance of information that needs to be analyzed. Therefore, it is recommended to begin to master the divination "One card". This technique has its undeniable advantages, but it does not lack any shortcomings. Let's analyze, in what cases is a guessing on one card, how to do it and correctly decrypt it.

divination one card

Asking the question

The Tarot deck is different from all other methodsanalysis of the future by what requires a goal-setting. That is, you need to ask the cards a question. This is often surprising and somewhat frightening to those who first turn to Tarot. People often do not want to discuss their problems with the person who conducts the divination. And to admit that something is disturbing, sometimes difficult. But guessing "One card" without determining the problem will be useless. The fallen arkan will show only the inner state of a person, and he needs advice. About this error a lot is said in the responses of people who used the technique without a detailed analysis of its essence. For example, a person cares if they will accept a new job. He holds fortune-telling on the Tarot cards. One card selected from the deck indicates a failure. Let it be the senior lasso Tower. As a result, this person gets the desired place. The cards were wrong? Of course not. Just had to ask the interesting question, describe the problem before pulling the lasso. In our case, the cards described the fears of a fortuneteller, his negative experiences. This happens whenever the goal is not set. Tarot reacts sensitively to the state of the aura of one who interacts with them. If you do not ask, they will describe the mood, inner feelings, and only.

divination by one card

How many arcanes to use

The next question requiring clarification isVolume, should we divide the deck? It is often said that guessing "One card" is more reliable in the event that you remove the minor arcana. They only interfere with understanding the situation, they do not carry important information. This is a serious mistake. No arkan should be excluded from fortune telling. Each of them has a role in describing the world. If you leave only the senior, then significantly reduce the number of options for answers, which will lead to errors in predictions. Divination by one card is carried out by a full deck. In any case, so do the experts. You will understand this when we come to the description of the interpretations. The youngest arcane talk to a scribbler no less than their "older" brethren. The division of the deck is allowed only when a person begins studying the tarot. This is done for training, to remember the essence of the arcana, to learn how to interact with maps. But the result can not be considered a full-fledged guessing. He does not describe the situation in its entirety, since the instrument of its analysis is "cut down".

divination by tarot cards one card

How is "One card"

Need to say a little about the preparation for the layout.This process is universal. It does not matter which of the hands you want to use, you need to perform certain actions. First of all, you can not get the cards in an excited state. It is necessary to calm down, remove unnecessary thoughts and emotions from your mind. Otherwise, the deck will react to the most vivid and negative. Experts recommend a short meditation or look briefly at the flickering candlelight. These processes help to concentrate, distract from everyday vanity, will tune in to divination. Only after you enter a calm, balanced state, you can think about the wording of the question. It must be specific and unambiguous. For example, the "One card" layout for a certain period (day, year, month) is accompanied by the following question: "What will be the most basic for ...?" It is clear that the lasso can not describe all the events. Not for this, it is pulled out. The purpose of divination is to determine the main direction of a person's life, the trends of the period.

one card layout

Analysis of the distribution

Fortune telling on Tarot cards "One card" is not enoughcorrectly hold. It is much more important to understand what the fallen lass says. Very often people snatch only the first meaning of the map. This is evidenced by numerous reviews of novice fortunetellers. People scold the deck for what they did not do themselves. You need to think about the fallen arcana, try to impose its meaning on the situation in which you are. Take, for example, the "Three Swords" card. This is a very heavy lasso. He often portends an unfavorable situation. But the essence of the answer will depend on the already existing situation. A person experiencing a career, he predicts the loss of work. A girl who is afraid to lose her beloved, on the contrary, will say that her fears are contrived, are groundless. It is necessary not to dwell on the first impression, but to think over the fallen map, using all the information about it. Experts recommend to write down the question and the dropped lasso. This information should be returned several times to be considered from different angles.

tarot divination by one card

Divination by love and relationship by one card

Let's analyze a more concrete situation.What can we get from the layout, if we are talking about relationships. First you need to describe the problem, formulate what exactly you want from tarot cards. That is, it is not enough to ask what will happen in the relationship further. Such a formulation will lead to the fact that the fallen lasso will describe fears and hopes, and not specific problems. A specific question should be asked. The resulting lasso will have to be thought through, tied to the existing situation. He will tell you in which direction to move, to make the relationship more harmonious.

divination by love and relationship by one card

Decoding of the scenario

Now let's explain why you can not trim the deck.The interpretation of the layout begins with the definition of the location and position of the lasso. The senior speaks about the importance of future events, the younger one hints that the situation will not change yet. The map in the forward position is more positive than the inverted one. In the latter situation, one can talk about the degradation of the process, a person misses the chance to solve his problem in the most rational way. Only by conducting such an assessment, you can begin to analyze the meaning of the map, referring to the above described trends. These nuances must be remembered if you want to learn the tarot deck. Divination by one card is considered complete, when the lasso is fully described in accordance with the prevailing situation.

divination by love and relationships

Is it worth to focus on reviews

A few words about whether you need to use someone else'sexperience in his magical practice. Often, reviews are written by those who do not quite understand the techniques of divination. This is unnecessary information, preventing hone their own skills. Interaction with tarot cards is an individual matter. The guesser eventually establishes his own connection with the deck, begins to understand it. Feedback from users, believe me, you will not be helped. It is better to accumulate your experience, carefully monitoring the situation, about which you asked. After a while, you will become a real visionary. Good luck!

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