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The consequences of the lapel can change the life

Lapel, as well as a love spell, isinfluence of magic, that is, violent interference in the clean energy of man. This case can be both useful and have very serious consequences. How to use the lapel not to suffer?

A lapel is used in several cases.First, when a man was bewitched and need to get rid of him from the unnatural, life-ruining program. Secondly, if you want to build a relationship with someone you like, whose heart is already occupied. To do this, first destroy the existing relationship. The consequences of the lapel can be completely different, diametrically opposite. Everything depends on the purpose of the ritual.

Lapel as a protection from the spell

If a loved one is bewitched, it is considered thatThe most effective way to save him from the magic effect is to execute the lapel. In this case, with the help of a special ritual neutralize the negative impact on the human bioenergetic field. The consequences of the lapel will be most positive if it is performed professionally. That is, first you need to determine the degree of impact, its method, strength. Then perform the lapwing ritual, taking all these factors into account. This is how a professional works. Negative energy, in this way, is either neutralized or withdrawn from the "victim" field. It is undesirable to independently carry out the lapel, the consequences can be unpredictable, up to the transformation of the energy spell into spoilage. This is extremely dangerous for the person with whose bio-field they work. You can destroy not only his health, but fate.

lapel consequences
Consequences of the lapel from love to destiny

When in sincere, given by higher powersthe third person interferes with the application of magic, the result will be very deplorable. The consequences of a lapel from sincere love will be felt by three people at once. The "victim" will suffer and suffer. His (her) sensations will become like a split personality. A man will love two at once. From sincere love is not so easy to rid, as it is advertised by magicians. This feeling comes from the very depths of the soul, it can be muffled for a while, but it is impossible to completely rid it of him. Thus, the "victim" will be drawn to both the beloved and the bewitching.

All spheres of human life will affect the lapel fromlove. The consequences can appear as in cases of damage - in the form of illness, deprivation, the collapse of a career, alcoholism. The loss of true love, which occurred with the use of magic, can lead even to attempts at suicide.

The consequences of the lapel will have a negative effect on thea man who is trying to deprive the second half. The pain of loss can be exacerbated by negative energy of the ritual, which will certainly affect him. In addition, since the energy exchange between loving people is very strong, the second person from the happy couple "grabs" the negative, while there is a gap. Vedunyi will surely determine this in the form of spoiling, inflicted on the person of the person who performed the lapel.


Particularly negative interference in other people's feelings,data on the fate, will affect the customer of the ritual. For him, the consequences of the lapel only at first seem good. He achieved his goal: he destroyed other people's happy relationships! But you have to pay for it. After a while, this person will experience a loss that will hurt him. The selection will be that which has the greatest value for him. No assurances from the magicians that they will put up a defense are not justified. For interfering in the fishing of the higher forces that have already put people together, it will be necessary to suffer long and painfully!

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