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Credits of "Sberbank" to individuals. How many varieties exist and what are their differences?

Often the only way to resolvefinancial misunderstandings are the loans of "Sberbank" to individuals. It is attractive for this creditor not only the ubiquity of the distribution of the branch network and the step-by-step availability of branches, but also the terms of borrowing. What can attract consumer loans in Sberbank and what they are?

Sberbank loans to individuals
How good are cash loans from Sberbank?

Non-earmarked loans of "Sberbank" to individualsare a pretty attractive offer. Especially when you consider that this financial giant is not trying to hide anything and take over these tariffs. The stakes here are minimal, and there are no additional commissions.

savings bank loans to individuals

In addition, private customers are availablelarge amounts for personal purposes with a duty of repayment for a long period. There are different levels of repayment guarantees: "Sberbank" of Russia gives loans to individuals without any security at all, and with the need to attract guarantors or arrange liquid assets as collateral. The cost of borrowed funds depends on these criteria here.

For the benefit of the deal to finance theirThe degree of familiarity of the borrower with the bank also influences the needs. The most generous "Sberbank" to those who receive in it the salary and pension, works in accredited organizations and large corporations, has a deposit, or previously used loans. Discounts from the base rate can reach 1-2 pp, which provides "for their own" "Savings Bank". Loans to individuals, the share of which always takes place, can be made even cheaper due to a seasonal reduction in rates.

What loans do Sberbank give out to private individuals?

The credit programs of the most important bank of the country can be divided into three large groups according to the type of requested security:

Savings Bank of russia loans to individuals

  1. Credits of "Sberbank" to individuals withoutany security. Even insurance is not required, but you only need to document your steady financial position and employment. The amount is up to one and a half million rubles. The period for the return of the requested funds can be extended by 5 years. The rate will vary between 17-21.5% per annum.
  2. A loan with a surety.As a guarantor, any solvent relative or acquaintance can act. The presence of the second actor increases the maximum loan amount to 3 million rubles, and the term will remain the same - up to five years. Interest can reach 16.5-20.5% per year.
  3. Loans with collateral of property, where collateral canto be exclusively real estate, allow you to get up to 90% of the value of the collateral itself (but not more than 10-15 million rubles) for up to seven years at a rate of 13.5-14.5% per year.

However, by the action until the middle of February,to obtain loans without security or under a guarantee at the same rate as with a pledge - from 14.5% per annum. Consideration of applications for participation in this action is carried out on an individual basis, so while you do not apply, do not know their chances of profitable borrowing.

Credits of "Sberbank" to individuals are differentvarious conditions. And this is their main advantage: everyone can find borrowed funds with suitable parameters. Any potential borrower has the opportunity to realize his plans with the help of this bank's funds, if, of course, it meets its requirements. But the pickiness and bureaucratization of "Sberbank" is a completely different story.

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