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Sum insured and insured value

Depending on what kind of insurance value of the property, the amount of the contribution and compensation will be calculated. But the obligatory species already have their own base of quotations.

insurance amount and insurance value

When signing a policy, it is important to know in advance: what amount of the contribution from the client is required by the firm and whether it corresponds to the realities of the market.

Types of insurance

Insurance today is a separate area of ​​the economy.The client of the company pays for the fact that the latter undertakes to assume its risks. Then the policyholder can safely sleep and not worry about possible troubles.

insurance value

You can insure anything:

  • the property;
  • jewelry;
  • cars;
  • life and health;
  • business and financial risks;
  • tourist insurance;
  • intangible values ​​(works of art);
  • plot of land, other.

The insured and his client have a mutual benefitfrom the transaction. And if the company complies with the "rules of the game" in its market, more and more customers will invest in it. The main thing is to reach a consensus between the two sides on the amount of compensation. To correctly calculate it, it is necessary to assess the property, that is, determine the insurance value.

The concepts of insurance value and the insured amount. Differences

According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, upon approachan accident specified in the policy, the insurer is obliged to give the client a certain amount. This amount is the key moment of the conclusion of the contract, it is calculated by the company and, upon agreement with the client, is entered into a contract of personal or property insurance. This is the amount of insurance.

However, the insured amount and insurance value -concepts are not identical. The insurance value may be equal to the amount, however in practice, the amount of money that a client can receive in hands is less than the real market value of an object. Exceed the cost of the amount of insurance can not, which is set p. 2 Art. 10 of the Law on the Organization of Insurance, because insurance is intended to compensate for damage, and not to increase capital.

Types of insurance value

What is the insurance value? It is determined after an appraisal of the property or risk assessment that the insurance company takes over. Most often this is the market value.

It should be taken into account that only with voluntary insurance the amount of compensation is negotiable. In the event that the signing of the policy is mandatory, the amount will be set by the legislation.

The amount of insurance sometimes has a fixed size. And it happens, it is set based on a certain percentage of the cost.

Types of insurance cost

The most common insurance -property. The cost of property insurance, as already mentioned, is calculated using different methods. Based on the choice of this method, we distinguish such types of insurance value:

  • Full insurance. The cost of the insurance object is equal to reimbursement.
  • Proportional.
  • Replace the object with a new one and a work item. Applies to the sale of household appliances.
  • Recovery cost. The amount that is needed to repair the object is recovered.

Depending on the nature of the calculation of the tariff,separate individual insurance risk and mass. Under the massive type of risk is meant insurance against natural disasters. The insurance value here is calculated by separate tariffs.

Calculation of insurable value

To determine the cost of insurance, you must choosefirst method of assessing the object of insurance. It can be comparative, profitable or expendable. In most cases, a comparative method is used. The cost is derived from the analysis of previous transactions and the market situation. After that, the amount of compensation is determined.

Determine the insurable value

The formula for calculating insurance compensation when using a proportional system of calculation is the same everywhere. Only the tariff changes.

The formula has the following form: Q = T · S / W.

To calculate the insurance value, we substitute into the formula the initial numbers:

  • S - amount of insurance;
  • W - the real value of the property;
  • T is the coefficient chosen for this type of risk.

Cost of property insurance. Risks

Estimation of real estate is usually carried out in the department of Rostekhinventarizatsiya or in any private property that evaluates the property, which has a license.

The evaluation of the cost affects several factors:

  • risk category;
  • real cost;
  • duration of insurance;
  • the type of the object to be fused.

A very important point is the category of risk.The insurance company will not work at a loss. All risks associated with the conclusion of a transaction are checked by the highest professional - the underwriters. These are the persons who are responsible for the insurance portfolio. They classify the types of risks and decide which ones to take and which ones to reject. The main risk categories are as follows:

  1. theft of property;
  2. damage to property by intruders;
  3. accidents of a different nature;
  4. catastrophes associated with the elements (floods, landslides, other).

Calculation of insurable value

In this connection, a lot of parameters are analyzed.If the real estate is insured, then the location, the degree of deterioration of this building is checked. By calculating the insured value, the valuer will also analyze the inventory and cadastral value of the property.

Enterprise Insurance Assessment

When a legal entity is insured, the tariffis elected on the basis of the size of the enterprise. For medium-sized enterprises, there are only tariffs, for large ones - others. During the valuation, everything is taken into account: fixed assets, working capital, stock, and even the cost of those buildings that are unfinished.

When analyzing risks, all available information is used, since the amounts in this form of insurance are large. It is necessary to take into account all the statistics available from other companies.

In Russia, business risk insurance is not very common. The unstable state of the economy makes it unattractive.

Can I change the price after signing the policy?

After signing the policy its terms can not bechange. But there are also some nuances. The insured amount can be disputed by the firm itself or taxation if there are doubts about the correctness of the calculation of the insured value. And when the court succeeds in proving to the insurer that he was deceived, he has the right to lower the amount of compensation.

Calculate the insurance value

Another nuance is acceptance - internalcheck in the insurance company. If during the inspection it was found that the amount of compensation is overstated, the insurer informs about the acceptance to the client, and the contract will be rewritten and renegotiated.

Undoubtedly, in the conclusion of the policy there are advantages.Having insured, an individual or organization receives a guarantee of reimbursement of monetary funds. But the principles of calculation are too confusing, and most insurers can not understand this system. Therefore, the state should control insurance.

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