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How to make paper decoration? Templates, instructions

From paper decorations for the New Year are made very easily and as a result we get a light and airy decor of the premises. We offer you several master classes on the creation of festive handicrafts.

Origami Santa Claus

We suggest starting with the production of paper Santa Claus, which can be hung on a Christmas tree, used as an ornament for a postcard and so on.

grandfather frost of paper

Instructions how to make Santa Claus:

  1. Take a square sheet of thin paper. It is desirable to take a leaf with one side of red, and the other - white. If there is not one, then take two sheets and glue them together.
  2. Place the paper with the red side up and bend it in half to make a triangle.
  3. Turn the sheet, flip it with the underside and place it so that the diamond is in front of you.
  4. Fold the top down.
  5. Raise the half of the bent end up.
  6. Unscrew the triangle and bend its small tip.
  7. Fold the triangle over the folds.
  8. Wrap the bottom of the diamond.
  9. Bend the end down, as in illustration 8.
  10. Turn over the shape.
  11. Slightly wrap the sides of the part.
  12. Wrap the left and right sides to the middle of the figure.
  13. Turn the ends, as in the illustration 12.
  14. Wrap the left wing, as in illustration 13.
  15. Raise the bottom of the right side.
  16. Place the raised part in the formed pocket.
  17. Do the same with the left wing.
  18. Turn over the figure (Figure 17). You got Santa Claus from paper.
  19. Draw the little face.

The handicraft is ready!

Paper cones

Very nice look made of paperdecorations on a Christmas tree in the shape of cones. Doing them is fairly easy, the main thing is to have the right shape at hand. It can be a ball or an oval from a foam, an egg from under the "Kider-surprise" and other similar things.

from paper ornaments

Take a big punch and make a lot of confetti. It is desirable that the resulting circles are about two to three centimeters in diameter.

Take shape and with the help of an adhesive gunpaste ready-made circles on it. Start with a narrower end. Stick it so that the half of the circle is free. Each new series starts over the previous one. When the cone is made, attach a small loop from the ribbon and glue the spruce twig.

The second version of the cone - suspension

To make a bump of a slightly different shape, you do not need a punch, but an egg-shaped base will also be needed.

from paper ornaments

Operating procedure:

  1. Cut a square from the paper and bend its left and right sides to make a triangle. At the same time, you need to leave a small piece from the bottom (see above for the presented diagrams).
  2. From paper make many more similar blanks.
  3. Take the shape and on the narrow end, stick the four pieces in such a way that they touch their peaks at one point.
  4. Stick the next layer of workpieces. It should start immediately above the previous one, and the top of the triangle should be placed between the two previous elements.
  5. Glue all the rows in this way.
  6. Attach the ribbon.

A cone for a Christmas tree is ready!

Paper Christmas Wreath

To make paper decoration on the door, you need to take sheets of cardboard or cardboard rollers, glue gun and scissors.

paper circuits

The procedure for making a wreath:

  1. If you have cardboard rollers, then squeeze them a little and cut the same circles around the width.
  2. If you have sheets of cardboard, cut them into the same width and length of the strip. Then glue the edges of the stripes to make the rings, and then squeeze them to make out the ovals.
  3. Glue together five ovals with sharp tops. As a result, you should get a flower.
  4. Make many similar flowers.
  5. Glue the flowers in a circle. Select its value arbitrarily. Each flower is inserted into the previous one between the petals.
  6. Make a smaller wreath.
  7. Glue a smaller wreath on wreaths a little more.
  8. Decorate in several places a ready-made wreath with beads.

The handicraft is ready!

Herringbone of colored paper

Конечно, эта поделка не заменит живую лесную beauty, but it will cope with the role of the object for the interior decor. It can be put in a room where there is no real Christmas tree, on a festive table, in the hallway.

Instructions how to make a Christmas tree from colored paper:

of colored paper

  1. Take a sheet of thick paper or paperboard in green.
  2. Draw a circle with a compass, and in it, about in the middle, one more.
  3. Pass through the center several lines that will divide the circles into sectors. Remember that the more divisions, the more "sticks" your fir-tree will have.
  4. Cut the circle along the outer contour.
  5. Make some similar blanks. Each new part should be a couple of millimeters smaller than the previous one. The number of blanks depends on how high your herringbone will be.
  6. Do cuts with scissors on the divisions up to the circle inside.
  7. Wrap the cut pieces so that the cone is formed, and glue the edges.
  8. Flip the part.
  9. Do the same for all other elements.
  10. Pier the first part of the wire in the center.
  11. String all the other components on the wire like a pyramid: first, there are more details, then smaller ones.
  12. Correct the ranks so that the "twigs" are not superimposed on each other.
  13. Make a small cone and place it on the top of the Christmas tree.

The handicraft is ready!

Bulky paper monkey

With the help of thick double-sided scotchmake funny voluminous monkeys out of paper. The cut-out templates will simplify the task, but if there are not any, then it's okay. To make it work, you need to choose sheets denser or take a cardboard.

monkey of paper

Master class, how to make a monkey-3D:

  1. Take a suitable paper and draw on itelements of which will consist of a monkey. For example, you want the monkey to have a head, legs and tail. Then these elements are drawn separately from the trunk.
  2. Then cut out all the details.
  3. If you used white cardboard, color the details of the monkey.
  4. Now you need to connect all the elements.To do this, take a double-sided thick tape and cut off some small pieces from it. Glue them to the joints and glue the parts. It is worth noting that the 3D effect of the craft is achieved by superimposing one part to another.

A voluminous monkey made of paper is ready! You can hang it on the tree or decorate it with a greeting card.

How to make paper bulk snowflakes?

There are several ways to make three-dimensional snowflakes from paper. Let's quote not the most famous. The craftwork made in this way will look very beautiful and unusual.

The master class for making a snowflake is given below.

bulk snowflakes from paper

  1. Take two sheets of square shape.
  2. Fold each sheet so that it takes the form of a triangle.
  3. Wrap the sheets again in a triangle.
  4. Cut off the triangle from one triangle, as shown in Figure 3.
  5. Then make two more cuts on the right and left side, repeating the edge of the figure.
  6. Unfold the part.
  7. The middle cut out part on each petal is wrapped under the first one, as in the illustration 6.
  8. Make the same flower from another triangular workpiece.
  9. Align the second element of the snowflake so that it is flat.
  10. Rotate the first flower 45 degrees with respect to the second and glue it on top.

An unusual snowflake is ready!

The second way to make a three-dimensional snowflake from paper

The most popular way to make three-dimensional snowflakes from paper is as follows.

snowflakes from paper

  1. Take five equal-sized sheets of paper in a square shape.
  2. Bend one sheet in half so that you have a triangle in your hands.
  3. Make cuts, as in the diagram above. The more incisions, the more splendid the snowflake will turn out. The recommended number is three to five.
  4. Open the sheet of paper.
  5. Now gently wrap the cut out central rhombus and glue its edges.
  6. Turn over the shape.
  7. Glue the edges of the next diamond.
  8. So in turn turn over the shape and glue the edges of each diamond.
  9. When one item is ready, proceed to the second one. Similarly, make all five elements.
  10. Now you need to glue everything together. To do this, just drip the glue on one end of the part and glue another one to it. So glue all the petals.
  11. If you have a big snowflake, then you need to glue the petals together in the center.

Bulky snowflake ready! This craft will look great as a wall decoration or chandelier.

Christmas ball

Master class on how to make Christmas balls with your own hands:

paper cutout templates

  1. Prepare paper cut patterns.To do this, draw with compasses twelve circles. Paper can take any other than cardboard. Best of all, the toy will look like if you take colored sheets or for decoupage.
  2. Cut out drawn circles on the contour.
  3. Put your blanks in a pile over each other and bend in half.
  4. Spread a stack of circles and fasten them with a rubber band or wire at the bend, so that they do not fall apart.
  5. Now, with glue-stick or thin double-sided tape, begin to glue the segments of the circles, each time alternating the junction.
  6. Spread the ball.

Crafts are ready! To make it easy to hang on the Christmas tree, attach a ribbon or thread.

What else can be made from paper decorations?

from paper ornaments

From paper you can make a lot of decorations: various figures, decorative elements, pendants on the Christmas tree and so on. Sheets can be folded using origami technique, glued together, cut out the scheme.

From paper sometimes surprisingly beautifulthings. For example, if you take a decorative cardboard or sheets for decoupage or crafting and simply cut out any New Year's silhouettes (ball, deer, herringbone, asterisk, Santa Claus and so on), make a small hole with a punch or sew and sell a beautiful ribbon or string, then you get a stunning Christmas decorations. It is enough that they do not get wet, and such crafts can easily be stored for more than one year.

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