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Statuses about travel for everyone

All people are fond of traveling, everyone witheagerly awaits his leave to go to a place far from home. Bright, interesting and extraordinary sayings will help express joy and inspiration. Statuses about travel, flashed in social networks, will help to tell about their experiences. Choose the best to prove your personality in the right perspective.

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Statuses about traveling for women

Oh, how you want to go to the store, buy a swimsuit, a towel and slippers, pack everything in a bag and fly away to warmer places. But you have to wear a jacket, boots, hat and go to work.


Finally, the time has come when I can show the results of my training sessions to a wide audience.


Finally, a carefree time came, near the sea, falling asleep under the waves of charming vocations. I want to be quicker there and swim without stopping in turquoise waters.


Only women will understand why they have to take ten sets of clothes for three days. Of course, for photos!


It's difficult - it's when you're driving in a crowded car. And when you close a crowded suitcase, it's easy - it means that there is a wonderful rest ahead.


Some write statuses about travel in verse, they write whole memoirs. And I'll say simply: "URAAAAA! At last !!!!!"


Clothing pleases much more, if it is collected in a suitcase and you are going on a trip.


Only women understand that shoes with heels with them on the sea should be taken necessarily. Do not be afraid that you will never wear them, it will be worse if you do not take them and want to wear them.

what are the statuses of the fun travels

Statuses for men

Despite their strength, courage and hidden emotions,men rejoice in rest not less than women. Only here are the statuses about travel: funny, funny or serious - uses a strong half of humanity, depends on whether a man allows himself to show his feelings or not.


I sit and cry: collecting on the sea, my wife put so many things in a suitcase, that I'll have to put on my own.


I adore travel "All inclusive". Included is really everything: food, water, alcohol, light. Everything except .... the brain.


Do not look for me, went to sea.


Imagine that I'm in roaming, and do not call while I'm on vacation.


Only on travel I rest, no weekend spent at home, will not replace a magnificent trip to distant destinations.


A man said that it's time to rest, then he will definitely rest, even if the woman went with him.

statuses about traveling by car


I am very glad that I can soon learn something new.


The stash is spent, the vacation is paid for, my mind is sparkling, the working spirit is lost.

Such different statuses about travel can be seen on the pages of men in social networks.

Poems about a trip to rest

There are interesting statuses about traveling tocar, about trips to other cities by train or airplane flights to other countries, but many prefer to fully express emotions precisely to the poems, because it is in them that you can fully express the boiling emotions.


Soon I will plunge into the sea,

From problems I will be released,

I'm going to another world,

Where there is rest and peace.


I'm going to ski soon,

Let go of the sorrow of the snow.

With the breeze I'll ride

And I will come to my dream.


The suitcases are already collected,

And the sofas are laid out,

Because we are today

We leave for the world of nirvana.


I packed the suitcase,

I took many clothes,

Because I'm leaving

To the far edges.


We have put everything down,

They put money in their wallets.

We deserve our rest,

And so now

We leave amicably

On a journey, fine,

We do not want the days of work lost in vain.

Let the status of travel will flow from the heart, fill with fresh emotions and vivid impressions!

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