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Eric's name: meaning, character and destiny

A name is an important part of the life of anyrights. When a child is called at birth, this determines his destiny. This is due to the fact that the names carry certain energy vibrations, which in various ways can influence what will happen. This article will talk about the meaning of the name Eric for the girl and describe her character and destiny.

Eric name value

General information about the name

In the abbreviation, there are the following forms of the name: Rika, Eka, Erie, Erri.

In a diminutive manner: Eruska, Erenka, Erychka.

The English version of the name is Erica.

Eric's name: meaning, origin

The name Eric has Scandinavian roots, and inSlavic culture it came at a time when the Vikings were terrified of the people neighboring their territory. As noted by many scientists, the female form of the name was formed from the male - Eric, which in literal translation means "eternal (mighty) ruler."

Eric's name is the meaning of the name and fate

Erica: the meaning of the name and character

The vibration of the sound of the name is accompanied by people all overa life. Not an exception, and a girl named Eric. The meaning of the name and destiny of the girl are closely connected and capable of influencing her character and behavior. Since childhood Erika is a very cheerful, sociable and positive child. A girl with this name can easily find a common language with peers and adults. She knows what, how and to whom to say, since it is inherent in the vibration that radiates the name of Eric. The significance of it gave the girl mobility and incredible curiosity. She loves the attention of others, but in case of excessive encouragement and emotion, you can very quickly spoil the baby, which in the future can negatively affect her behavior and character. Parents need to be moderately strict with Erica, as she quickly learns to use for her own selfish purposes with her charm.

Erica is a good friend, she is always ready to helphelp, sometimes even sacrificing their own interests. For perfect good deeds, she does not require a fee, and most often she wants to stay in the shadows altogether. Erica can keep secrets and give the right advice. Often becomes the soul of the company.

name erik meaning origin

In order for Eric to study well,To develop in it persistence since the childhood and to accustom to self-discipline. Often happens, that in case of failure she throws the begun and does not wish to return to things that are not interesting to her or occupations. Sometimes a girl is hard to convince her that she needs to learn homework, so parents need to pay regular attention to her education, especially in primary school. With the teachers, the girl quickly finds a common language, and at times even becomes a favorite in the classroom.

Significant influence on healthvibration named Eric. Its importance is already laid down by severe fatigue from childhood. This affects the general condition of the girl both at a younger age, and in adulthood. It can not be said that it is prone to many diseases, but in order to maintain a good physical condition, regular activities in various sports are necessary. The weak organ of Erika is the kidney. It should be noted that she must avoid hypothermia, as this can cause chronic diseases.

The inner world of Erica is a mystery that not everyoneon forces to open and understand. She absolutely does not like to devote outsiders, and sometimes even close people, to her pressing problems. She very seldom shares experiences and often hides something that disturbs her. Sometimes she can throw dust and gloss over the events that happen in her life, but she does it just in order not to show what is going on in her soul and thoughts in fact.

the meaning of the name of Eric for a girl

Career and work

The influence of Eric's name is also influenced byapproach to work. Character is characterized by careerism and self-sufficiency. The girl can resort to all possible ways to succeed in the work, sometimes she is even capable of violating any moral principles, if only to achieve the desired. If Erica chooses a sphere where it is necessary to communicate with people, then she will be able to show herself well and build a good career. Suitable profession - real estate agent, travel agent, hairdresser, negotiator, press secretary. But the profession where you need perseverance, Erica should be avoided.

Love and marriage

Eric does not hurry to acquire his own family.But even when a girl marries, she does not become homemade, because she, by her character, does not feel much desire to run an economy and spend evenings at home. Eric will be a wonderful companion and wife for a very active and successful man, who will see in her not a housewife, but first of all a friend. Harmony in the relationship will be achieved when Erika can give a piece of herself to her beloved person and at the same time receive a piece of it in return. Thanks to this balance, the girl will be able to feel what she loves and loves.

The Mystery of Eric

A totemic animal is an eagle.

The stone is jasper.

The color of the name is blue.

A plant is a rose.

The planet is the Moon.

Erica's luck can bring amulets from jasper or a pendant in the shape of an eagle.

The name Eric is absent in the Orthodox faith, and forbaptism it can only be used in the Catholic Church. In order to baptize a girl in the Orthodox, it is necessary to choose a second name that exists in the Orthodox calendar.

erika value of the name character

Name in other languages:

  • in Icelandic - Eiríka;
  • in Danish - Erika;
  • in Spanish - Erica;
  • in Italian - Erica;
  • in Hungarian - Erika;
  • in German - Erika;
  • in Norwegian - Erika;
  • in Polish - Eryka;
  • in Swedish - Erika;
  • in Finnish - Eerika;
  • in Czech - Erika;
  • in Portuguese - Erica.

Whatever the meaning of Eric's name, it's very beautiful. And in the end only the parents decide how to name their daughter.

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