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Anna Chapman: biography, interesting facts from life

Anna Chapman, or Anna Kushchenko, came into beingFebruary 23, 1982 in the city of Volgograd. The girl from the earliest childhood possessed stubbornness and purposefulness. It was these qualities that enabled her to succeed. In the article there will be a story about who Anna Chapman is (the biography of this woman).

anna chapman biography

Childhood and youth of Anna

Anna's father was a diplomat - a serious man with harsh views of life. Anna's mother, on the contrary, was a gentle and calm person. The woman practically all her life taught in high school.

When little Anechka went to school, her parentsleft for Moscow, and my daughter was left in Volgograd with my grandmother. The girl studied in many schools - she started from the 11th gymnasium in Volgograd, then entered the art lyceum, and the last academic year was held in Moscow high school. After graduation from the school Anna Chapman, whose biography is interesting to many, enters the Peoples Friendship University of Russia at the Faculty of Economics and Law.

In 2001, the girl gets to know her futurehusband. Young people meet at one of the parties held in London. Alex Chapman - that's the name of Anna's chosen one. The young man worked in a British recording studio.

The only obstacle to their relationship was a long distance. Since Anna studied at PFUR, young people decided to get married in Moscow.

The girl took the name of her husband. Perhaps this decision was made because her husband was the same name of the same Mark Chapman - the murderer of John Lennon.

As it became known later, the marriage took place not for love, but at the request of Anna to obtain English citizenship. After graduation, the newlyweds went to England.

Life in the UK

Arriving at a permanent place of residence, youngpeople did not sit idly by. Anna and Alex created their own company, which handled remittances in Zimbabwe. In other words, Africans living in the UK had the opportunity to transfer funds to their homeland at times cheaper than through banks. Thus, for several years of work, several million pounds sterling was transferred.

anna chapman ren tv

As it became known later, Anna Chapman, biographywhich is interesting and diverse, together with her husband designed her company for some Steve Sugden, who still claims that he has no idea what kind of company and who are Chapman's spouses.

In 2004, Anna and Alex left theiractivity. The girl got a job in an aviation company, where she dealt with the sale and lease of aircraft in Russia. However, later it became known that Anna performed less important functions - was the right hand of the referent.

In 2005 Anna Chapman, whose biographyis full of interesting facts, part with her husband. The reason, Alex himself claimed, was the girl's excessive desire for well-being, which, unfortunately, he can not afford.

Life in Russia

In 2006, the girl returns to her homeland, where shecreates a company engaged in real estate. It is still unknown where Anna got the money to open such a business. Some argue that it was sponsored by some "business angels", others say that the girl sold all her jewelry.

Chapman wanted to make his company the leader inreal estate. But, unfortunately, all her aspirations were in vain. Experts associate the failure of the project with the inadequate refinement of the business model of the company's website, the marketing component, and the lack of interesting content for users.

mysteries of the world with Anna Chapman

In 2009, Anna tries to sell the site, but thisshe does not succeed. In 2011, it is closed. It is also known that Anna owed the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" more than 80,000 rubles for the failure to compile the contract.

In 2008, Chapman arranged for KIT Fortis-Investments as vice-president.

Career in the USA

In 2010, Anna decides to move toUSA. Chapman wants to contribute to the real estate market in New York. As one American expert points out, this was just the trick Chapman had come up with to hide his meetings with "big people".

After the collapse of the real estate site Anna is engagedsearch for start-ups, which, she claims, are invested in big money. But this was just a cover. As the investigation subsequently proved, Chapman has already been noticed several times in the correspondence with one of the Russian representatives of the United Nations. Presumably, they exchanged ciphers and secret information files.


In 2010, Anna bought a cell phone anda fake passport in which she indicated her fictitious name and address. On the advice of her father, she decides to go to the police and confess everything. After this, the girl is arrested, and together with her, by other intelligence agents of Russia. This was the loudest failure of Russian special services abroad. The girl, like other agents, was charged with conducting intelligence activities in the United States.

anna chapman personal life

Anna Chapman. REN-TV, political activity

In 2010, Chapman was deprived of Britishcitizenship. In the same year, according to Belkin, Anna deals with the topic of protecting the Earth from meteorites, steroids and other equally important factors that can influence the planet from the outside.

At the same time Chapman joins the Young Guard of United Russia party, where he is engaged in patriotic education of the youth.

In 2011, the program "Secrets of Peace with Anna Chapman" is broadcast on the REN-TV channel as part of the documentary project "Reality".

Anna Chapman. Personal life

After parting with her first husband AlexAnna has not been able to find her chosen one for a long time. It is only known that in London the girl met many rich men. Among them is the Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky. At the moment, the personal life of Anna Chapman remains behind the veil of secrecy.

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