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John White. Young multifaceted talent

In American cinema todaythere are many young talents who reveal themselves in the most diverse fields. One such talent is John White. In his thirty-four years he is already popular, managed to star in a variety of films. But first things first.

john white


American actor was born in Canada in the cityToronto (Ontario) on a hot June day in 1981. By the sign of the zodiac John White - twins. His height is 178 centimeters. Already since 1990, the young man begins to take part in various American talk shows and television programs.

Series since childhood

Already in 1991, John was invited to the series underan intriguing title "Are you afraid of the dark?" The picture pleased the audience and stayed in tops for five whole years. From 1991 to 1996 John White was in demand not only in the series Are You Afraid of the Dark ?, but also took an active part in television shows of various orientations.

During this same time, young talent managed to work in several other animated films:

  • the series "Kung Fu: The Renaissance of the Legend", which ran from 1993 to 1997;
  • series "Tales of the crypt keeper".

In 1994, the animated series "The Magic School Bus" appeared on the screens. The actor was involved in the voice acting of this painting right up to 1998.

john white actor

In those same years, John White participated in some well-known TV projects: Johnny and Clyde, Tails are alive, the eagle is dead, Mediator, Quiet Harbor.

The actor grows up, roles grow.

Over the years, many producers have considered in the youngtalent of an experienced and talented performer. Since 2002, John White is an actor who takes part in such world-famous films as "Toy Boy", "American Pie", "Party Girl".

Further in his life there are sensational series: "Detective Rush", "People Alpha", "Clan Kennedy". He does not forget about the cartoon experience. He takes part in the voice acting of the "Red Line".

The best year in his acting careeris considered 2006, he starred in six films and voiced several cartoons. The year of stagnation is 2001: only one film that did not intrigue critics and aroused enthusiasm among the audience.

john white

Actor and Producer

John himself calls himself not just an actor, but alsoproducer. He promoted some television shows, invested in the creation of TV projects. For thirty-four years of his life, John managed to star in 36 films, took part in the scoring of a dozen animated films, managed to visit two dozen television shows (including in the main character's armchair), tried to play himself.

If you are not yet familiar with the work of this American actor, we advise you to pay attention to this talented and promising kinopersonu.

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