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Mikhail Chernyak: "smesharik" on the throne

Mikhail Chernyak is an old friend of many Russianchildren. True, they never saw him, but they often hear. He voices the characters of various cartoons. "Smeshariki" and "Barboskiny", "Luntik" and a series of stories about Russian heroes - his unique voice suits perfectly for completely different characters. We will open the veil of secrecy and show you the photo of Mikhail Chernyak, tell about his roles in cinema and theater!

Michail Chernyak

Biography of Cherniak

Mikhail was born on November 13, 1964.The place of his birth is the city of Leningrad. Theatrical activity, he began to engage in school years. Simultaneously with his studies, he studied at the Youth Art Theater.

In 1981, right after graduating from Lyceum No. 395,Mikhail Chernyak entered the Leningrad State Institute of Theater, Music and Cinematography, now called the Russian State Institute of Performing Arts. The young man chose for himself the pulpit of acting. By the way, he studied at the course of the cult theatrical director - Zinovy ​​Korogodsky. In 1985, when the training was over, Mikhail joined the St. Petersburg Academic Theater named after the Leningrad City Council, which in those years was called the Young Theater. He chose it not by accident: even in his student years, Michael often visited this temple Melpomene as a spectator.

mihail cherryak photo

First roles

In the Young Theater, Mikhail Chernyak played such roles as Kai in The Snow Queen, the porcupine saga in Mowgli, Tommy in the play Pippi Longstocking.

Six years later, from the actor Mikhailretrained in the director of the same theater. Today, without him, there is not a single staging. Spectators and critics point out that the roles played by Mikhail on the stage can radically differ from each other: he can be touching and serious, funny and philosophical. Performances, which he puts, are deep, sincere. His work has repeatedly been awarded professional awards.

Work on the radio

The sign of Chernyak and those who have heard at least onceprogram "Otdushina" on the radio of St. Petersburg. He was the author of this music and entertainment project, and his host. Until 1996, Michael, along with Vadim Gushchin, conducted a humorous program "The Cold Eight" on the radio "Baltika".

Mono performances

The fact that Mikhail Chernyak - an actor of genius,It is not necessary to doubt. Of particular artistic value are solo performances and performances-concerts of this amazing man. These performances are good for the fact that all the action in them is based on the virtuoso acting skills of Mikhail, his excitement, jokes and extraordinary ease. The most popular mono-productions are "At midnight, during the Renaissance ...", "Mr. Twain is only for adults".

chernyak mikhail gennadievich

Fantastic Voice

Mikhail Gennadievich Chernyak - the main fairy talethe voice of the northern capital. On his account - the sound of a lot of different cartoons. The voice of Michael says Pin, Kopatych and Losyash from Smeshariki, Chikibrayak cancer, Aunt Motya tortoise, Pescari Ivanitch from the animated series "Adventures of Luntik". In the cartoon film about the family Barboskin Mikhail voiced Gen. He is also a storyteller in the stories of Russian heroes.

Mikhail Chernyak took part in the voice actingcartoon about the turtle-ninja. In several episodes, Rafael, Michelangelo, Bebop and Shredder spoke in his voice. In addition, Detective, Nytik and Microscope also speak in the voice of this announcer.

It's terrible even to think that these fabulouscharacters could be voiced by someone else! After all, only Mikhail Chernyak could put into the mouth of his heroes so much kindness, love and warmth, which so fell in love with small viewers.

Michail Chernyak Actor


Fans of foreign TV series also had timeget used to this voice. It is Michael who voices Garth from "Supernatural", Steve Jinks and Arti Nielsen from "Vault 13". His intonations sound in the words of Major Hewlett, General Charles Scott and Lieutenant John Simco from the film "Turn". And, of course, he took the most active part in the duplication of the series "Games of Thrones".

Success in such a difficult matter as voiceover and dubbing, the announcer explains simply: you need to carefully examine each character, regardless of who he is, a demon hunter or treacherous military man.

Today it is difficult to find a more in-demandspeaker for scoring. Mikhail Chernyak is working on Western films, and is filming a movie. In addition, he actively participates in recording audiobooks. For example, it is he who acquaints listeners with "Transurfing reality" Zeeland. He also voiced the books of the Strugatsky brothers "The Tale of the Three", "Noon, XXII Century", "Monday begins on Saturday".

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