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Marvel Comics ("Marvel"), Creature: photo, growth, ability

Creature (The Thing - literally "thing", Ben Grimm - Ben Grimm) is a comic book character of the universe "Marvel", a member of the team of heroes called "Fantastic Four".

Marvel creature

Creature - one of the most powerful characterscomics "Marvel". The creators of the hero Jack Kirby and Stan Lee did not inadvertently come up with a character who turns from an ordinary person into a terrible monster. Once again it was proved in such a way that the appearance is sometimes deceiving, because in our case, no matter how strong and terrible the Being is, it is still on the side of good.

Appearance description

Returning to the origins, it is necessary to clarify thatrepresentative of the universe "Marvel" The creature, whose photo can be seen here, was not always the same as the most ruthless villains and murderers are aware of.

Once upon a time there was a simple guy namedBenjamin Grimm, who at one not the most successful moment in his life fell under a non-weak dose of radiation. Even a small amount would suffice for the progression of pathology in a healthy human body, but here the dose was super-powerful to the point that radiation not only killed a person, but also created something incredible in its place.

In the comics "Marvel" the Being is described as beforeimpossibility of high, with giant limbs and head creation. It also has a rough, literally impenetrable skin, the structure of which is very similar to stone. By the way, the Being ("Marvel") growth has fully correlated with the human. But this does not negate the fact that any unprepared person shakes his knees and hair stand on end at the sight of this sinister machinah-the hands-blocks, the body-the sheer rock, the face is all in cracks ...

But with all this, what a striking contrastEye-catching looks and eyes! Blue is the color of lightness and purity, a color that has never been doubted by anyone. And, of course, this is the color of the eyes of a stout big-one. Light blue as the sky, and reflecting its true inner essence.

The creature marvel comics

Childhood (still a man)

Full name of the character in the human hypostasisit sounds like this: Benjamin Jacob Grimm, however, it is so long that even the hero himself was more pleased when he was simply called Ben. The future superhero was born in America, according to some data in Manhattan, on the other - in New York. Yet, in both cases, the fact of father's alcoholism and the many problems that have occurred on this ground remain the same. Ben's father really did drink, and money was not enough for basic things, such as buying food for children, things, tuition fees.

In those years, not having a male authority next door, Benbegan to be inspired and admire the affairs of his brother. Daniel (Daniel) Grimm was in some way the leader of a street gang of teenagers, who often arranged rants in different parts of the big city. At first, it was just friendship in this gang, but then Daniel realized that the family was practically falling into the abyss because of a lack of money and it must be stopped somehow.

Thus, the older Grimm becomes nowthe leader of a real and very dangerous street grouping, "Yansi Street Gang", in which each one covers each other, but can also surrender at the same time. Money appears, the family is a little better, and it is during this period of life that little Ben begins to genuinely admire his brother and try to imitate him in everything. But it did not last long. In the world you have to pay for everything, so Daniel paid in full ... He is brutally murdered when Ben turns 8.

Almost an orphan

On that day, the boy's mind turned over, and moreafter a while he himself headed the same gang as his brother. He was pissed at the whole world, he hated every glint of the sun, he hated everything that lived and in every way reminded him of a dead brother.

After several years, Benjamin's parents died,so he got into the house to his uncle Jack. In a new house with new rules, the boy does not move so quickly but surely to become himself again, as calm, kind and sympathetic as he was. And he almost succeeded: he finds himself in a new school, easily settles there, after a couple of months the boy shows outstanding abilities in sports. After a while these abilities were noticed and worthy of a high scholarship.

early years

Moving to the school hostel opensfuture superhero a new acquaintance. An ingeniously clever guy named Reed Richards (future Mr. Fantastic) turns out to be Ben's roommate, and so they spend plenty of time talking, then to count each other as true friends. Once Richards shares with Ben his long-lost dream - to build a ship for flying in open space with his own hands. To both young men the idea seems unreal, because Ben jokes without any hope that he will then become a pilot of a built ship. But fate is too unpredictable thing to forget this conversation between the two students.

In the future Benjamin Grimm reallybecomes a first-class pilot. After training, he settles in the air force of the United States of America. At the same time, Reed Richards, who was trying hard to realize his idea and find the source of funding for his own spacecraft, finally sees a white strip in his life. The government agreed to finance the project, however, if there is a ship, then someone who would manage it. And, of course, in Richards's mind emerges only one candidate who voluntarily offered the services of a pilot.

Creating a "Fantastic Four"

Because of too extensive constructionThe government threatens Richards with the termination of the project's financing. As a result, Reed in the pursuit of time decides to test the ship with an uncompleted system of protection. The idea is not supported by anyone, but the ship that has four men on board - Ben, Reed, and their friends - a brother with Sue's sister and Johnny Storm - is still taking off.

The protection system was completely broken.The team falls into the center of a huge hole of cosmic radiation. The entire crew receives a huge dose of radiation, but Ben, despite the fact that he got, if not more, then no less than all, still managed to return the ship back to Earth.

And only on Earth four friends began to feelin their bodies strange changes. The most terrible burden lay on the shoulders of the pilot - that day the radiation destroyed Benjamin Grimm and created a new Being (Marvel Comics), frightening with its appearance and possessing incredible abilities. And the other members of the flight ceased to be ordinary people: the abilities of a man-torch, invisible woman and Mr. Fantastic have found receptacles to serve humanity. So the "Fantastic Four" was created.

marvel creature

The girl who changed everything

At the very beginning of the "Fantasticfoursome "everything was as good as superheroes could ever be, but then the mutation in Ben's body began to progress: now it's increasingly turning back into a man, his strength has increased by several orders, and the skin has become even more impenetrable and indestructible.

В один момент Гримм просто перестал быть a man, for ever remaining a Being. The inflamed mind of the non-human was manifested by attacks of uncontrollable rage. Ben was on the verge of complete psychological self-destruction, but in his life there was one who helped him change his mind about everything that surrounded him.

Blind from birth, a sculptor named Alicia Masters gave Ben a faith in herself and a belief in a brighter future that even a formidable superhero must have.

At first there was just friendship, then love arose between them.


In the entire history of the Marvel Universe Creatureseveral times it turns into a human being, then again into a Being, and each time this happens due to irradiation with radiation or gamma rays. After that, it turns out that a man can change his appearance when he wants it, but for this you need to overcome the strongest psychological block. Richards knows this reason very well, but he carefully hides it from a friend from his own interests. Being lost in conjectures, the Creature settles on another planet, where it turns out to change its incarnations. Returning to Earth, he learns that one of the “Four”, Johnny Storm, becomes the lover of his girlfriend Alicia. Plus, now he is able to change his appearance, therefore, he reveals the secret of the psychological unit and immediately finds out that his friend Reed lied to him.

In a rage, the Creature breaks off all contact with friends and leaves the Fantastic Four.

being marvel growth

Confrontation in a civil war

In a great confrontation in the Marvel universeThe creature was not too eager to take the side of Iron Man, but in the war it kept neutrality. With his own eyes, seeing the clashes between Iron Man and Captain America, the Being observes the death of a simple man not involved in the slaughter. This knocks out the last remnants of self-control, and he, along with the Black Panther and his wife, decides to leave America for France. There, people finally need the protection that the Being can provide. The hero "Marvel" becomes one of the heroes of France, saving people from evil.

Undeservedly guilty

По сюжету Вселенной "Марвел", Существо unfairly accused of the murder of one of the main actors, who is called Kulovod. As punishment, Ben is imprisoned, but assistance in the person of the Hulk Woman, the Ant-Man and the Sandman who is pulling the Creature is already in a hurry. Some time after the escape, the heroic world flies through the news that the Puppeteer, it turns out, is alive, which means that all the charges against the Creature are completely dropped.

Basic abilities

Thanks to the radiation rays being simpleas a man, Benjamin Grimm has acquired many supernormal abilities that are not available to all superheroes, not only to people. In the legendary battle "Creature" Marvel "against the Hulk from the same Universe" the stakes were made not only in favor of the green giant, after all, Benjamin Grimm can provide decent resistance. In fact, this is one of the few characters in the universe "Marvel" who can really try to harm the Hulk. Strength and Strength Creatures with each gamma-ray or radiation field only increase. The creature (“Marvel” did not spare the ability) according to the international system of evaluating the abilities of superheroes, received from Nick Fury 8 points out of 10 possible.

creature marvel vs hulk

Stone skin and strength

After the radiation bath (by the way, radiation orIn many cases, different types of radiation caused new opportunities for the characters in the Marvel Universe. The creature receives a huge impetus for its organism to develop mutagenic changes. His bones, skin, muscles - everything undergoes such a change that in structure, both external and internal, his body now looks more like a stone. Based on this, it is possible the existence of the theory that Ben will be able to live forever in a stone guise (if he never returns to human form). It should be said about the physical strength possessed by the Creature ("Marvel" practically stamps supermen or other creatures with incredible strength), because, due to the same mutagenic processes, she jumped the scale of superheroes to 85 points and reached the maximum 100.

creature marvel abilities

Endurance and strength

Due to changes in muscles after radiation (inOnce again, the attention of the viewer is shown what consequences the radiation in the Marvel Universe may have), a Being in some sense can do without anything at all. The level of fatigue is now always at zero, and the active phase lasts 24 hours a day.

The skin of the Creature has incredible strength:injuries, shooting from powerful explosives and even the blow of the most powerful hero of the Hulk universe did not hurt her. However, the only weakness lies in adamantium, which Wolverine so successfully discovered for himself in order to be saved.

creature hero marvel

Martial arts master and excellent pilot

Surprisingly, but the invincible hero (which is natural for the Marvel Universe), the Creature needs the simplest skills of martial arts. What kind?

Still a student of Marvel Comics Creature, growthwhich at that time was no different from the growth of peers, at the professional level, mastered the most different types of combat. And yet the favorite of all sports is not a person, but Boxing has already become Beings. Perhaps, for the opportunity to express all emotions in a strike, and maybe because boxing is the only sport where it is considered normal to smash a pear every time.

As for piloting, everything is very clear:during his student years, Benjamin (a creature whose abilities are limitless) dreamed of floating through the air and exploring the sky, as in childhood he studied the streets near his home. And he succeeded. Several years of preparation - and now he is a very successful pilot with experience, to whom the control of airplanes, as well as other aircraft, is easy.

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