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How to choose a profession: motives, vocation, expert advice

The choice of a profession always begins with the rightsetting goals, and this task is not fundamentally easy. Especially if the graduate has not yet decided what he would like to do. Psychologists recommend thinking about choosing a profession long before graduates of the 11th grade hear the last bell.

As a graduate choose a profession

Fork in the way

On how to choose a profession, studentsthink after the end of the ninth grade. At this time, it is necessary to determine which class to enter - humanitarian, natural-science or physics-mathematics. For many schoolchildren, this choice presents enormous difficulties. Some do not know which sphere would be attractive to them; others like everything in a row - literature, mathematics, and physical education; the third do not want to do anything at all.

The problem of choosing a profession

When should you think about the future?

Ideally, the motives for choosing a profession for a child needfind as soon as possible. Talk about choosing a profession should be done with the baby already at the preschool age. After all, if already at this time to allow the child to try himself in different occupations (even if in the game), it will be easier for him to orientate in the future in a huge variety of possible professions. In the event that a teenager can not decide on a choice, if his interests are not yet manifested, or if they are too many, you can use various strategies to resolve this situation.

How to choose a profession to your liking

Define Goals

Since choosing a profession is not an easy task,psychologists recommend to start to approach this issue with a purely practical part. A vague and indefinite "I want" must take a very concrete and tangible form. What are the goals for choosing a profession?

  • Specific ("I want to buy an apartment in New York", "I want to conduct a talk show on a TV channel for feminists", "I want to become a more influential businessman than my father's friend," etc.).
  • Realistic.In other words, the goal should be correlated with the opportunities that the child has. On this score, there is a beautiful statement by Albert Einstein that every person is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, then the unfortunate rest of life will hold, considering yourself a stupid creature on earth. How to choose a future profession, not taking into account their abilities and talents? It is absolutely impossible, therefore, one must take into account their physical, intellectual, age and financial capabilities.
  • Limited in time. After all, the goal is a dream, the implementation of which is limited in time.
  • Positive. The goal should be beneficial to other people or, at least, comply with the principle of "do no harm".

Assessment of opportunities

Parents whose children do not know how to chooseprofession, it is worth discussing in detail with their children their opportunities. After all, the goal must always be something reinforced, to have a basis in the form of talents, inclinations, abilities, education. A mother or father may ask the child to answer the following questions:

  • What level of education do I have today?count, given today's school performance, as well as their intellectual abilities and skills? It can be a higher or a secondary specialty, as well as professional courses.
  • What actions should the profession contain in order to make me interested?
  • How much do I want to receive for my work?
  • What way of life is more interesting for me - tense, when I have to be completely involved in the work process and sacrifice personal interests for the sake of work, or is it freer?
  • Would I like to work next to the house or is this issue not critical?
Choose a job to your liking

Correlation of desires, possibilities and needs

The choice can be considered the most optimal ifcoincide "I want", "I can" and "must". This profession should be in demand on the modern labor market ("it is necessary"). Also, a young person should have for this a certain set of opportunities and abilities ("I can"). Since it is impossible to choose the future profession without taking into account your interests, it is necessary to remember the important principle: work should not be a burden, but a joy ("I want"). Even if at first things do not work very well, but there is a desire, the child will be able to acquire the necessary skills. If there is no interest, they are unlikely to be sufficiently developed.

The question of choosing a profession

The Importance of Inner Striving

Often in life, it happens that these threecriterion does not coincide at all. The opportunities for the child and parents are the same, the desires are different, and the demands of the real world are completely different. How to decide on the choice of profession in this case? Psychologists believe that the most mobile of the three above factors is desire, or "I want." For example, a boy asks his parents to buy him a dog, because he wants to become a professional cynologist. Mother and father for the beginning suggested every day to "walk" a toy dog. The son had three days to understand - he is not ready to take responsibility and care for the animal.

There is another example.The daughter wants to become a singer, but parents, using the links, organize her admission to the Faculty of Economics, because they believe that during her studies she will "come to her senses." Eventually, the daughter quits school, leaves the house and continues to sing. Sometimes parents think about what kind of working profession to choose for a child, not taking into account his interests. However, often a source of income for a young man is exactly the hobby that seemed completely absurd to parents.

How to choose a profession - the main tips

If the soul does not lie to anything

It happens that a teenager declares that there is noa hobby that would interest him. In that case, do not panic. After all, interest does not appear immediately. However, for this it is necessary not to sit on the spot, but to try different activities, to test oneself in different activities. In addition, you need to pay attention to your feelings: what kind of occupation you like more, which - not quite.

A teenager can also do creativity -play a musical instrument, draw, dance. Often parents think that such activities only take away precious time from him. However, this is not quite true. Creativity helps a person to gain inner freedom, to preserve himself as a person. With its help it is easier to listen to yourself, to be able to find that kind of occupation on the basis of which it will be possible to build a career.

How to choose a profession for a teenager

Navigate in a variety of options

From generation to generation, he does not lose hisrelevance of the question of who to go to learn. The list of professions is truly enormous. According to some sources, they exist from 9 to 45 thousand. Here are just a few of them:

  • orthopedist;
  • English teacher;
  • janitor;
  • seller;
  • lawyer;
  • judge;
  • tractor driver;
  • educator;
  • astronomer;
  • archivist;
  • firefighter;
  • image maker;
  • cleaner;
  • ballet dancer.

To find your profession you can use differentways. It is important for parents to remember the motives for choosing a profession that their children have. A young man should not just be "arranged" in life, but also to receive joy from his work. No one wants his child to become a poor tailor, but adults forget that a talented tailor gets better than a useless lawyer.


Recently, a huge number oftests to choose a profession. However, psychologists warn that one should not blindly trust them. For example, a test can show that a teenager should be engaged in computer science, while he himself is crazy about experimenting in a chemical laboratory. Especially deceptive can be computer testing without consulting a psychologist.

After all, in this case, the result can be affecteda lot of distortions, ranging from insufficiently well-developed testing techniques and ending with difficulties in the self-esteem of the youngest person. A competent psychologist advising in the field of career counseling is able to build a conversation in such a way that the result will become clear with the application of a minimum number of techniques. As a rule, expect a ready-made solution from a psychologist, but his job is to launch an internal search process, thanks to which a person will be able to independently make the most optimal choice.

Why is the choice of the profession important?

When a person does his favorite thing, he alwayswill be full of energy and inspiration, he will have the opportunity to enjoy life. Sometimes the question of how to choose a profession is set by graduates of schools, and sometimes - people over forty. However, it's never too late to make your life more beautiful. Favorite business allows not only to realize their abilities and talents, but also to earn more.

Methods of career counseling

Techniques that help determine

After all, often a person who spends long dayson unloved work, is deprived of the main thing - career growth. He does not have an interest in the work, and therefore, other people more interested in this area get the promotion. Therefore, the question of how to choose the right profession is relevant for all ages. Let's consider some practical recommendations that will allow making the right decision.

  • Write on a large sheet of paper at least 30points, which will describe the activities that bring pleasure. These things should give energy, joy and inspiration. You can specify more items. After this, it is necessary to delete those cases that do not want to do professionally, but I would like to leave them as a hobby. After that, there will be about ten more points left. Now we need to cross out those that I would not want to do until the end of my life. So you can significantly narrow the range of choice of a professional path.
  • Write 10 of your greatest strengths, knowledge,skills, talents. These must be the qualities to be proud of. After that, you can write down 5 professional areas in which these properties can be used, and then think about which version of the work is the most realistic and inspiring.
  • Also wondering about how tochoose a profession, can present yourself a real millionaire. It is necessary to imagine that he had already visited all possible countries of the world, tried out all the entertainment - nothing more to wish for. Now it remains to choose what to do next - not for money, but for the soul. You need to record at least 5 different options.

If there are many interests

Modern children are concerned about how to properlychoose a profession. In childhood, they are asked what they would like to become when they grow up. At first it seems to be completely harmless, but over time it takes away rest and sleep. Many adolescents like several subjects and classes at the same time - they draw, sing, and attend classes in mathematics with pleasure. In this case, it may seem that the young man is “scattered” or wants to avoid responsibility.

Psychologists in this case recommend asking yourselfthe next question: is it bad or is it abnormal to do different things? Vocation in the profession is not necessarily a single occupation. This idea comes from culture. A question to a child about who he will become in the future implies only one answer. However, at present there are quite a few people who, in one segment of their life, were engaged in one business, and then radically changed their path or at the same time combined two classes. For example, the world-famous violinist Vanessa May gained popularity with her musical experiments. However, few people know that she was included in the national team of Thailand in alpine skiing.

Offspring Punk Rocker Dexter HollandHe has a degree in biology and is also a graduate student in a laboratory engaged in viral oncology in California. And the famous physician and missionary Albert Schweitzer, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1952 for curing many patients in a Nigerian hospital, was one of the most famous European organists who made a real revolution in the performance of organ music.

However, if a young man considers himselfa born specialist and wants to develop in one narrow area - this is also quite normal. It is believed that the most powerful teams are those in which there are both highly specialized professionals and people with different interests.

We considered how to decide onchoice of profession. This is one of the most important decisions a person makes. Not always at a young age graduate can make this difficult choice. Properly assessing your desires, talents and abilities, you can make it the most optimal.

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