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Personal qualities in the resume. What is worth mentioning, and what is better to be silent about

A resume is a kind of business card. The first impression of the person of the applicant is made up of CV, so the better and more intelligently it is composed, the higher the chance to get the work of your dream.

Personnel already begin to get annoyed when they see conditional-positive personal qualities in the resume. Let's look at the most common options and do not repeat mistakes.

personal qualities in the resume


Quality is certainly positive, but whatmeaning we put in it? Usually this means the ability to get along and compromise with colleagues. But this is no communication, it is contact.

Communicable people are usually required in PR-companies, producers' centers, in general, where they establish contacts.


If you are a young specialist, just-onlyreceived a diploma, then this quality will come in handy. But if you have already changed a dozen positions, then this record looks absurd and is unlikely to produce the expected effect on the employer.

Working capacity

This is generally, "oil is oily."What is meant by this quality, plainly it is not clear. A desire to work? Or maybe the ability to work? If you decide to get a job, it's taken for granted.

Agree, the summaries containing such a standard set do not cause any emotion and risk being thrown into the trash.

Now let's see what personal qualities of a person for a resume are really valuable.

personal qualities of a person for a resume

Organizational abilities

According to experts, all potential employees should have them.

Skill to work in team

Or contact. As a rule, applicants who are able to tune in with a common wave of potential colleagues deserve the sympathy of the future bosses.


The employer will always appreciate the employee, who is able to set himself the goal and achieve it.

Ability to quickly switch from one task to another

For small developing companies,Having this quality is simply irreplaceable. With such employees, you can be completely calm for your business and know for sure that an unusual assignment will be executed clearly and on time.

business and personal qualities

Sense of humor

Oddly enough, human resources specialists appreciate the ease, self-criticism and ability to defuse a tense situation.

If you've gone through all the options and stillDid not find the undeveloped business and personal qualities that will allocate your resume from hundreds of others, do not despair. Just imagine yourself as the head of the organization and think about what kind of employee you want to hire. All the personal qualities that come to mind in the summary and reflect. Just try to write as honestly as possible.

Well, if your personal qualities in the summary look like the notorious banal list, then try not to use common words, the meaning of which has long been lost. It is better to write them in the context.

That's all the simple recommendations. We hope that our article helped you to understand which personal qualities in the resume will be winning, and you will get the work you have been dreaming of for a long time.

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