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Unique shampoo with the effect of lamination

Lamination is a rather expensive procedure.On average, it will cost you about four thousand rubles. Therefore, I really want the result to last as long as possible. For this purpose, there are special products - balm and shampoo with the effect of lamination.

shampoo with the effect of lamination
This is a fairly rare product, producedprofessional brands, but not all. In the Russian market there is only one such company - Number Three. You can buy this shampoo with the effect of lamination in shops of professional cosmetics.

Shampoo contains hematin - a special substance,which is able to bind to the keratin of hair and create a protective film. It is enriched with extracts and vitamins. Balm contains amino acids, which also perform a restoring function.

Balm and shampoo with the effect of lamination costsnot cheap, but these funds make it possible to visit the salon much less often. If you do not want to pay extra money, immediately after the procedure, start using special means to enjoy beautiful and well-groomed hair as long as possible.

Often women ask the question of whether a special shampoo can be completely replaced

shampoo syoss effect laminating reviews
the present procedure of lamination.Only the condition of your hair can respond to it. Thick, healthy and fluffy hair is generally not recommended to be subjected to this procedure, so as not to weight them. If the hair is thin and weak, then the shampoo with the effect of laminating the miracle will not work, but, thanks to its rich composition, will give the hair a shine, make it more hydrated and create a visible cosmetic effect, provided that you use it regularly.

Today we want to introduce you a novelty -shampoo "Syoss". The effect of lamination, reviews of which are somewhat contradictory, you are guaranteed by the manufacturers of this tool. This new shampoo will give hair a really luxurious look. He will restore their structure and shine. Those who often dye their hair, this shampoo is just necessary. Thanks to "Syoss", the color will last much longer.

Using the whole series containing the mask andbalm-conditioner, you will forget about serious problems with the hair. But do not expect a real laminating effect from the "Syoss" shampoo. It is barely noticeable and does not last long. There is another significant drawback of this tool - making the hair absolutely smooth, shampoo makes them heavier.

In conclusion, it can be said that shampoo and the entire Syoss series are certainly good for hair care and nutrition, but they do not give 100% lamination effect.

There was one more means for hair care. Perhaps its effect will make you more impressed.

shade tinted with shampoo
A new toning shampoo with the effect of lamination "Rocolor" will fill the hair with a dazzling radiance, will give them vitality, make it smooth as silk.

Manufacturers of the new tool usedthe newest formula - the effect of lamination + toning. The dye segments do not penetrate into the depth of the hair, completely preserving its structure. He very gently envelops the surface, creating the finest film. A new shade of shampoo combines three properties:

- means for washing hair;

- toning;

- lamination.

Shampoo "Roscolor" is an absolutely safe product, which does not contain ammonia.

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