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Summer jacket: technique and tips

With the onset of heat to each womanthe weaker sex wants to look special. Women are beginning to change their wardrobe, lifestyle, trying to tidy up the figure. Do not forget about the appearance of pens and legs. Indeed, it is in the hot season of the year that particular attention is paid to these parts of the body.

This article will tell you how to do it.summer jacket on nails. For work you will need a stencil or a thin brush, your favorite shades of lacquer, a fixing tool and a base. Be sure to arm yourself with manicure. Here is a step-by-step instruction on how to make a summer jacket.

summer jacket

First paragraph: do the manicure

A summer jacket, like any other covering,presupposes a preliminary cleansing of the nail plate and skin on the fingers. You can do this manipulation in any way you like. Cutting manicure, paraffinotherapy, hardware processing - choose what you like. Be sure to give the nails the same shape. After that, carefully wipe your fingers and wait half an hour. During this time, the nail plate will dry out, and the summer jacket will lie on it better.

The second point: drawing holes

A summer jacket can be created in two ways.If you know how to draw well, then take a thin brush and draw a line along the lower socket of the nail. If there are no artistic skills, you can use special stencils. They are glued to the bottom of the plate. After this, the tip cover is created.

To carry out a summer jacket can be severalvariants. Bright colors at this time is preferable. This can be a single-colored tip of the nail or a striped covering. If you chose the second option, then use a thin brush, which create vertical lines. Many women have to use the office style. In this case, the summer jacket can have pastel colors: beige, pink, flesh, pearl and so on.

summer jacket photo

Third item: completion of work

When the bottom coating dries, it is necessaryapply a protective coating. This layer will help keep the design for a longer time. As such an end, you can use a special tool for nails or a usual clear varnish.

When the coating dries, you can add to the summermanicure accessories. This can be the life of stickers, rhinestones or sequins. Always consider the color gamut. If the lower part of the nail is colorful, then do not overdo it with brightness. Otherwise, the design will be very colorful.

how to make a summer jacket at home

Alternative way to create a summer design

If you do not want to mess around with yourselfyou can go to the salon. There the master will quickly bring your plate into good condition and create a bright summer cover. However, such pleasure has a certain value. The average price category for varnish coating is from 400 to 700 rubles, along with cleaning the nail plate.

Also recently very popularuse stickers. They already have a color, and you can choose what you like. Remains only to process a plate and cut out on its form a preparation. After that, glue the base on the marigolds and cover with a protective layer.

summer jacket on nails


You now know how you can do it yourselfmake a summer jacket. Photos of the finished work can be viewed in this article. Choose something that you like more. Fantasize and experiment with your nails. Apply a bright and effective coating. Do not forget to create the same design on the legs. In this case, your appearance will become harmonious. Be beautiful!

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