/ Powder for hair. Powder for hair discoloration: recommendations for choice and reviews

Powder for hair. Powder for hair discoloration: recommendations for choice and reviews

Modern cosmetology offers a lot of moneyfor hair care. And most women do not represent their lives without a variety of gels, lacquers and other products that provide a stable styling. A relatively new product in the modern market is powder for hair. What is this tool? What are its advantages? These questions are of interest to many women.

Hair powder - what is it?

Powder is a completely new tool in the market of modern cosmetology. This product causes many women to forget about foams, varnishes, gels and other means for hair modeling.

powder for hair

In most cases, the powder is awhite odorless powder, which is very easy to apply to the hair. Some versions of the product have a matting effect, while others give shine to the hair.

What is this product for?

First of all, this remedy is used forhair modeling and creating extra volume. With the help of powder, you can create an effect of some kind of negligence - a simple everyday hairstyle will become simply perfect. By the way, "Schwarzkopf Taft" is quite a popular brand. The hair powder from this manufacturer stands out for its relatively low cost, which, in fact, makes it so popular. In addition, the same funds are produced by Loreal, Essence and other companies.

There are also special colored powders that will help not only to model the hair, but also to color it in those or other colors.

powder for giving volume to hair

Who will use the powder?

In fact, this tool is perfect for any woman. Powder can be used regardless of the type of hair - it will help to give volume to both dry and fragile strands, and fatty hair.

In most cases, the powder is used formodeling short hair, as well as strands of medium length - it is on them you can see the maximum effect. Hair becomes more voluminous, it is possible to create soft, elegant curls. Although with her help you can perfectly fit and long hair, however, the result will be less noticeable.

Powders are popular with womencurly hair, as it helps to beautifully lay your hair and get rid of the "mess." But this product is suitable for modeling straight strands, as it will help to create the necessary shape.

Powder for giving volume to hair and its features

As already mentioned, the powder is apowder white. But do not be scared - when applied to the hair color disappears - there is only the desired effect. A similar product is used by many stylists and hairdressers. But the powder is so easy to use that it can be used to style hair on your own, at home.

Some varieties of this tool mayabsorb excess of sebaceous glands, which will suit the owner of fatty hair. By the way, in the modern market there is also a new youth powder, designed exclusively for styling short haircuts.

powder for hair price

How correctly to apply powder for stacking?

In fact, use a similar toolvery simple. Naturally, each product, depending on the manufacturer, has some specific application features. But in most cases, first, you need to pour a small amount of powder on your fingers. It is best to start with a small amount - you can always add powder, but you can only remove excess by washing your hair.

Rub the powder with your fingers (some powdersthis becomes like a cream - this is normal) and massaging the movements of the hair roots. You can also lay individual strands of powder with the help of powder - this will create the effect of a charming disorder.

It should be noted that this laying lasts about four hours. But after this time there is no need to reapply the powder - just straighten the hair with your fingers and the volume will return.

By the way, do not need to apply a lot of powder, since its excess will make the hair dirty and untidy.

Powder for dyeing hair

powder for hair discoloration

Probably, almost every woman in that oranother age at least once thought of creating a bright, unique hairdo. After all, how often can you see popular photomodels and Hollywood stars with bright strands in your hair. But not every representative of the fair sex will agree to such experiments. In addition, bright strands can look stylish in a certain environment, but at the same time at work or an official meeting will simply be inappropriate. What to do in such cases?

Fortunately, not so long ago the market appearedspecial paint for hair. This tool allows you to experiment with hair and color without lasting consequences, without harming the hair at the same time. The powder for bleaching hair is also popular. In any case, with such products you are limited only by your own imagination. Today you can appear on the street with bright red locks, and tomorrow, light your hair on 6-7 tones.

To date, there are many shades:pink, red, blue, blue, purple, and also darker colors. Use the product is very simple. It is only necessary to apply a small amount of powder to the desired strands with the help of fingers or special applicators. By the way, stylists recommend to process only a part of curls, keeping the rest of the head of hair a natural color. For example, you can dye several large strands or hair tips.

Powder: advantages and disadvantages

powder paint for hair

The hair powder has a number of important advantages.After all, it helps to lay your hair, give it volume. Thus strands do not stick together, well comb and do not become fat. To correct a hairdress it is possible for some minutes, at all without using thus a hairbrush. Some powders contain vegetable oils and other ingredients useful for hair, which strengthen the strands.

On the other hand, it should be understood that the powder forhair is not a dry shampoo. Such products can not freshen hair or absorb all excess fat, so it is best to apply it on clean hair. In addition, after use, you need to wash your head, which is not always practical.

Occasionally, powder for hair can causeirritation, a feeling of tightness, as well as redness and itching - these symptoms indicate an allergic reaction, so use of this drug should be stopped.

Powder for styling hair: approximate cost and customer testimonials

taffeta powder for hair

In fact, this tool is usedhuge popularity. This product is often used in beauty salons to fix the styling. Many women like the powder for hair. Its price can range from 5 to 50 dollars (possibly even higher). In any case, everyone will be able to choose a suitable product.

Powder for hair does createadditional volume, without spoiling the appearance of the hair. Allergic reactions are extremely rare. Therefore, many women recommend that they have this remedy in their cosmetic bag. On the other hand, there are also such buyers who remained dissatisfied with the effect of such products. This is understandable, because every woman prefers her own hair styling methods. In addition, modeling is just part of a beautiful hairstyle, as it is much more dependent on the properly chosen and made haircut.

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