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Addresses of "Sportmaster" in Moscow for city residents and guests of the capital

Sport for modern man must beone of the priorities that allows not only to keep cheerfulness of the spirit, but also health. Among other things, spending time in the gyms is much more interesting than meeting friends in bars. Joint pastime, which benefits, is something that every person who watches his psychological, emotional and physical health should strive for. If you want to visit the "Sportmaster", the addresses of shops in Moscow will be very useful to find out.

addresses of a sportsman in Moscow

Network of sports shops

To get everything you need for classessports at home and in specialized places, it is enough to visit one of the most famous shops. Knowing the addresses of "Sportmaster" in Moscow, you can buy almost everything you need, from sportswear for different age categories and ending with special equipment. A wide range of different simulators for a beautiful, sporty folded body and health will allow you to select for each individual case the optimal version of power or cardio load.

sportsman addresses of shops in Moscow

What is interesting about "Sportmaster"?

It is always important for buyers to have themheard and understood correctly. "Sportmaster" always strives to ensure that the buyer fully meets his needs. What does the network of sports stores offer to its customers?

  1. Individual approach to constant and new visitors.
  2. Wide assortment of the goods of various categories.
  3. Goods are designed for different age categories and standard of living.
  4. Quality is one of the top priorities of the chain of stores.
  5. Prices are available for a wide range of customers.
  6. In one shop you can buy everything you need for sports.
  7. Regular clients are provided with various incentive promotions and discounts, you can also become a member of the club.
  8. In one shop all necessary goods for employment by various kinds of sports, among which hockey, football, volleyball, fitness, aerobics, snowboarding and so on are collected.
  9. The number of stores is more than enough. If you are in the capital, then in order to visit one of them, you need to know the addresses of "Sportmaster" in Moscow.
  10. The store has its own service center for customer service, it employs only highly qualified specialists, masters of their craft.

Moscow Metro Shop Address

Addresses of "Sportmaster" in Moscow

Sports goods stores can be found at the following addresses:

  • ul. Admiral Lazarev, 2;
  • trans. Putilkovo, MKAD, 71 km;
  • MKAD is 47 km away;
  • MKAD 47 km, page 20;
  • MKAD is 26 km away;
  • District Passage, 2a, p. 1.

If you often travel around the city by metro ...

You want to know for the famous network "Sportmaster"(Moscow) addresses of shops? Do you use the metro? Some of the outlets are located in close proximity to the stop, the minimum distance is up to 250 meters. Several sports stores work around the clock, so that everyone can, regardless of the level of employment, buy everything you need. If you often use the subway, then to choose the most convenient location of the sporting goods store address "Sportmaster" in Moscow, choose the name of the station.

  1. "Altufevo", "Bibirevo" - address: Altufevskoe highway, 79.
  2. "Boulevard Donskoy" - address: boulevard of Don, 2/1.
  3. "Fili" - address: Bagrationovsky crossing, ow. 2, shopping center "Filion".
  4. "Prague" - address: highway Warsaw, 124.
  5. "Kuzminki" - the address: Volgogradsky Ave., 70.
  6. "Timiryazevskaya" - the address: Dmitrovskoe highway, 37/1.

"Sportmaster" works from 10:00, by phone numbers you can learn the mode of work in more detail. Some shops are open 24 hours a day. You will always be very happy to see in the "Sportmaster".

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