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A dress below the knees is a necessary element of the women's wardrobe

Dresses below the knee, before or slightly above it -this length is called "midi". Fashion for him returned from the 50's and 60's, it was popular in the 70's, and at the time of perestroika, but then they forgot about it. And now this model is again rapidly becoming fashionable. Midi is truly a universal length that will suit a woman of any makeup and growth, regardless of age.

Trendy dresses

dress below the knees

There are three most popular trends thatuse fashion designers to create their own collections of similar outfits. The first of them is black dresses below the knee. In this case, the variants of the styles have no limitations. Next - a kind of reference to the past. These models have sleeves that differ in their cut, length and volume. Also in this trend, traditional cutouts are often used, which are often closed to the maximum, and collars. The last of the considered trends is a dress below the knees with a lush skirt. Thus, it combines boldness and romance. Here, emphasis is placed on the neckline or girdle. An example of this interaction can be a dress-corset, which demonstrates a strict retro-style, but at the same time visually makes the figure more fragile thanks to a lush skirt. Fabrics for him use a variety of: from thin, flowing and flying, to heavy, giving a clear and deep folds.

A wide variety of models will allow you to chooseDress below the knee for any season, whether it is a hot summer or a frosty winter. But do not forget that for this outfit you need to carefully choose accessories and shoes, so that they harmoniously complement your image. Also with his help you can hide the flaws of the figure and emphasize its merits.

Figure and attire

dresses below the knee

Since the choice is made, given the shape of the legs, thenwith fairly full calves should be selected dresses below the knee, which will cover them a little. If you want to emphasize the waist line and visually increase the hips, you should pay attention to the midi dresses with a tight upper part and lush skirts. But if you, on the contrary, have wide hips and have a completely understandable desire to hide the stomach, in this case, an excellent solution will be a dress model with a narrow skirt and free top.

Now its stylish addition is the subtlebelt of bright colors. Girls should take a closer look at the combined models, where the top is made of dense cotton, and the bell-bell-skirt is made of lightweight fabric. This outfit is suitable for both everyday wear and for a holiday.

This season is rich in color dresses below the knee.Some photos are presented in the article. In various fashion collections, a wide range of shades from pastels to brighter ones is demonstrated: gray, brown, burgundy, turquoise, pink, blue, khaki and, of course, classic black. Immediately there are prints, most often a cage or rhombuses. Do not forget about ethnic motives, which are expressed in such details as the finish of fur, leather, feathers, velvet and brocade. It is also permissible to use fringe and pompons. Guipure and translucent fabrics are materials used by many designers in their collections to demonstrate femininity, sexuality and luxury dresses.

Combinations with the dress. Choose shoes and accessories

With what to combine dresses below the knee, photos of which are presented in our article?

So, in a warmer time of the year, you can dress-midicombine with short leather jackets, warm jackets, jackets and cardigans. Also, a coat of straight and fitted silhouette will look good, and their length can be higher than the knee or midi.

dresses below the knee photo

Thinking over your evening image, carefullypick up accessories that will look harmonious with your outfit. If your dress is below the knee has a neckline, it is worth paying attention to such ornaments as necklace or beads. Effectively complement your bow with a clutch or purse on a long strap. Shoes, however, choose depending on how solemnly the event: it can be shoes-boats, ankle boots, classic "hairpin" or sandals.

But it is worth remembering that sports shoes are wornunder the dresses of the midi is not in any case, the same is true for moccasins and tall boots. If you want to visually extend your legs, then you should choose shoes and tights (or stockings) in tone.

Business style and dress length "midi"

To give your image a business style worthchoose fitted dresses. The variant is possible both with a narrowed downward and straight skirt. You can use a jacket, vest or a light cardigan as a supplement. Remember that the design of accessories, shoes and handbags should be discreet.

black dresses below the knee

A small conclusion

A dress below the knees is the thing thatprobably will find a place in your wardrobe. With this outfit you can make a large number of various amazing and incredibly feminine combinations, and all just thanks to well-chosen accessories. We wish you good luck in choosing the necessary attributes of clothing!

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