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Jim Broadbent: biography, filmography, personal life and interesting facts

Jim Broadbent is one of the few actorsBritish cinema, which is known not only adults, but also children. For his long career, he played many roles, among which there are many works that deserve the most prestigious awards, including the Oscars and the highest awards in the field of British cinema.

Jim Broadbent


Jim Broadbent was born in 1949 in the cityLincoln County, Lincolnshire (England) in a family of graduate sculptors. In addition, his father earned his living by making designer furniture and, together with his wife, played in the non-professional troupe "Rural actors of Lindsay", which he himself founded. Little Jim was often present at the rehearsals that took place in the former building of the Methodist church rebuilt by Broadband Senior, and by the time he got to school he knew by heart a lot of excerpts from the performances in which his parents were engaged.

Jim Broadbent in his youth

After the Quaker school in Readingthe future actor entered the local college of arts, but then transferred to the capital's high school - the Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, where he studied until 1972.

There he was noticed by the then famous actor PatrickBarlow, who invited the young man to become his assistant at the National Theater of Brent. Together with a more experienced colleague, Jim Broadbent played his first characteristic roles, both male and female. And he equally successfully embodied both the image of the ascetic and devoid of the vices of John the Baptist, and the frivolous and dissolute Maria Antoinette.

After the actor worked in other well-knownLondon theaters, including Royal National Theater. The images he created did not go unnoticed by critics, who in their reviews repeatedly called Broadbent master of the roles of the second plan.

Jim Broadbyt filmography

Working in a movie

For the first time on the screen, viewers saw Jim Broadbentin 1978 in the film-drama "Scream" directed by Jerzy Skolimovsky. Then he played in the film "Blow" from Stephen Frears and in two films by Terry Gilliam - "Brazil" and "Bandits of Time".

In addition, Jim Broadbent shot a lotBritish television. For example, the English viewer was happy to follow the unfolding of the events in the television series "Black Viper", where he acted as a partner of the famous showman Rowan Atkinson.


Despite the fact that the actor is quite intensestarring in the movies from the late 70's, Jim Broadbent managed to play his first major role only when he was already over 40. It was the image of the head of the family trying to open a small business of his own in Mike Lee's "Sweets of Life". After the success of this picture, in the characters of which many simple Englishmen recognized themselves, the same director invited the actor to play in the drama "Kuterma" of the playwright, who creates the libretto of the "Japanese" opera and is constantly in conflict with the composer with whom he is forced to work in creative tandem.

For this role, Broadbent received the "Volpi Cup" at the Venice Film Festival in 1999. In addition, he was nominated by BAFTA and the Academy of British Independent Film for the Best Actor Award.

Jim Broadbent movies

Jim Broadbent: movies

In 2001, the actor starred in three films at once,which brought him widespread recognition throughout the world. They were "Bridget Jones Diary", "Moulin Rouge!" And "Iris". For the second of these paintings, Jim Broadbent received the BAFTA award, and for the latter - "Oscar" and "Golden Globe" in the nomination "Best Supporting Actor".

In addition, the directors always considered his typevery successful for the embodiment of images of historical characters, so he repeatedly starred in costume paintings, the action in which occurs several decades or centuries ago. Among them, "Eric Viking", "Witchcraft April", "Princess Karabou", "Richard III", "Churchill", "Young Victoria", etc.

One of the most interesting works of Broadbent is the film of the cult director Woody Alain "Bullets over Broadway", in which he starred in 1994.

Participation in children's and entertainment projects

British actor Jim Broadbent, filmographywhich contains about 70 paintings, is well known not only to adults. He is known in person and young spectators. After all, he decorated his game with such popular youth films as "The Chronicles of Narnia" and one of the film stories about Indiana Jones. However, the main picture, thanks to which children began to ask for autograph Jim Broadbent, - "Harry Potter". To be more precise, the actor participated in the creation of two of the eight parts of this fabulous epic, acting as Horace Sliznort.

Jim Broadbent Harry Potter

In addition, Broadbent voiced several popularanimated films such as "Robots" (Madame Gasquet), "Valiant: feathered special forces" (sergeant) and "Man-plant" (Batman). His own voice is spoken by the well-known Bear Paddington.

"War and Peace"

Most recently in the UK were shown 6episodes of the new series, based on the great novel of Leo Tolstov. Directed by Tom Harper invited Natasha Jim Broadbent to play the role of papa, who many times reincarnated on stage and on screen to aristocrats of the 18-19th centuries. Critics, as always, favorably expressed the image of Nicholas Rostov, the elder created by the actor, especially as he managed to get as much as possible into the role of his character.

Jim Broadbent Harry Potter

Personal life

Jim Broadbent is among those fewactors who have reached professional Olympus, about whom journalists, despite all the efforts made, can not find out anything that can be placed on the pages of the yellow press under catchy headlines. The only thing that is known about his personal life is that he has been married for almost 30 years to Anastasia Lewis, who designs theatrical costumes. The couple live permanently in London, although Broadband often has to travel to the United States to participate in the filming of Hollywood film directors. In particular, he recently completed work on the picture "Bridget Jones's Child".

Jim Broadbent in his youth

Now you know some details of the biography of the famous British actor Jim Broadbent, who became famous for his numerous successful supporting roles.

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