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Dangerous natural phenomena of Perm Krai and their characteristics

The Perm region is known not only for itsnatural riches, but also by the fact that it is one of the ten anomalous zones of the planet. The dangerous natural phenomena of Permsky Krai attract scientists and tourists from completely different directions - from those who believe in hobbits to those who study UFO issues professionally.

The most surprising thing in this area is that hereeveryone can collect either stories or facts, or personally verify the veracity of information on the issue of interest to him. Therefore, scientific symposiums are held here, and there is no hindrance from tourists.

Molebsky Triangle

In the category of dangerous phenomena of nature of Permthe first village was the village of Molebka in the Kyshert District. This happened in the early 80-ies of the last century, when for the first time traces of the stay of objects of extraterrestrial civilization in this region were found. A certain object left a trace of 62 meters in diameter, which was discovered by the geologist from Perm Emil Bachurin.

Since the UFO did not exist in the USSR, all of itsmanifestations were designated as "dangerous natural phenomena of Perm Krai". However, this did not stop tourists and ufologists, and they massively began to fill the Perm region in search of extraterrestrial civilization.

Once Molebka was a place of worship forthe Mansi people, and was a moleben stone, on which sacrifices and rituals were performed. Later there arose a village with the same name, the flowering of which fell during the development of the Demidov Foundry.

Molebsky dangerous natural phenomena (Permedge) consisted in the appearance of strange objects of a round, spherical or plate-like shape. They were seen both day and night, which was recorded not only visually, but also with the help of equipment.

Dangerous natural phenomena of the Perm region

Unfortunately, a huge number of people,rushed into these parts in search of extraterrestrial intelligence, prevented the serious work of scientists, and the appearance of strange objects gradually came to naught. Today, the M-an abnormal zone, although it is in the top 10 of the "strange" zones of the planet, but to enter into dangerous natural phenomena of the Perm Krai ceased to enter.

Nevertheless, every year in the Molebsky Trianglescientists and tourists come to study biolocal anomalous manifestations in this region, such as the strange behavior of compasses and chronometers, changes in pressure and body temperature in humans, the manifestation of disorientation and severe headaches.

For the village of Molebki this is a new heyday, because, thanks to tourism, there appeared a hotel, shops and even cellular communications.

Hyperborean Border

For archaeologists, historians and geologists, the designation"Perm" is associated with the 6th period of the Paleozoic era. It is believed that it was at this time (about 285 million years ago) that the Hyperborean (Ural) mountains began to form.

About the people living in Hyperborea, that is, in a place located on the other side of the North wind, philosophers of Ancient Greece also wrote. In their view, they were tall, strong people, and they could fly.

In different countries there are legends about the northernpeople who have wings and move through the air. So it is or not, not yet proven, but the fact that the Northern Uval are the boundary of Hyperborea, many researchers are sure.

dangerous natural phenomena Perm Territory

Although the Northern Heaps do not refer to suchcategories, as "dangerous phenomena of nature in the Perm region," however, they are mysterious. Scientists have still not fully figured out exactly how the sublatitudinal elevation formed in this region.

Village Mountain

В определение «опасные явления природы Пермского margins ”(photo it displays) includes unidentified crop circles of wheat and oats. It is not known whether they are in fact dangerous or not, but they are definitely strange and inexplicable. So lovers of mysterious phenomena - a direct road to the village of Gorny, where these events occurred.

natural hazards of the Perm region and their characteristics

Just as in similar cases in othercountries, ears of corn in the fields were strangely intertwined, which could not be done by hand or by any technique. No traces of the presence of people or objects were found. What is strange: neither wheat nor oats were injured, but continued to spit in a broken and intertwined form.

Подобные «опасные» природные явления Пермский The region provides lovers of the unknown in abundance. The same circles appeared near the village of Upper Chusovskaya towns, where the ears of wheat on the wheat field "curled" into fancy runic signs and large geometric figures up to 30 m in diameter.

All these phenomena are not only eyewitnesses, but also captured on video and photographic equipment. Ufologists, as always, throw up their hands in perplexity, having no versions as to who or what could produce this with ears.

Cave Divya

In the category "Perm natural hazardsedges "includes the famous karst cave Divya, consisting of two tiers of underground tunnels 10 km long. It can be dangerous for inexperienced speleologists, as it only has 60 grottoes studied, the most famous of which are Deva, Vetlan and the Sun Grotto. There is a beautiful lake in the latter occupying 180 m2 square grotto.

Even having a cave map, newbies can get lostas evidenced by the numerous "horror stories" and legends. In fact, the cave Divya is open to speleologists and everyone who wants to join the beauty of the underground "kingdom".

dangerous phenomena of nature in the Perm region

In the caves and lakes caves have something to see -here, the calcites have such diverse forms that they give them names. For example, the Lace, Stolbovoy, Crystal or Indian grottoes owe their names to fancy stalagmites.

A distinctive feature of the Divya cave is the formation of a unique cave pearl, which is not typical of the Ural caves.

Sharpening and Hearting

If you ask what dangerous natural phenomena in the Perm region can surprise the locals, many of them will remember the most memorable UFO air fights in 1989.

Eyewitnesses to events in the port areaOstrovka behind the outskirts of Perm, saw the most "real" battle between the flying "plates". As a result of this phenomenon, one object was shot down and disappeared in the swamps on the territory of the military base.

What it really was is unknown.Objects in a classic form similar to a pair of stacked plates, numbering 6 pieces attacked the same object, firing at him from a laser. Everything happened in front of numerous witnesses, and whether it was really an air battle of unknown objects, or falsification, is not known for certain.

In the village of Kishert, namely near Mount Lopata, unidentified objects were repeatedly observed.

dangerous phenomena of nature of the Perm region photo

The peak of their "arrivals" came at the end of the 80s - the beginning of the 90s. The last time a UFO in this area was mentioned in 2003.

Ice cave

Dangerous natural phenomena of the Perm region and theirthe characteristic does not end with UFO arrivals and interweaving of wheat ears. What is created by nature itself is much more interesting and accessible. The famous Kurgunskaya cave is a favorite place to visit with tourists.

dangerous phenomena of nature of the Perm region

  • First of all, it is available to all comers, both speleologists and just curious ones.
  • Secondly, its short length - just 5.6 km - makes it safe and easy to master.
  • Thirdly, numerous grottoes and small lakes surrounded by columns of ice are so beautiful that they seem to be of unearthly origin.

According to legend, it was here that Yermak once hidfrom the royal persecution with their associates, and today the cave is annually visited by thousands of tourists, attracted by the beauty of stalactites and stalagmites of ice.

Orda cave

This cave has such an ancient origin that the history of the formation of its walls from gypsum and anhydrite goes back to the times of the Permian period of formation of the Ural Mountains.

what are the dangerous phenomena of nature in the Perm region

It is located on the outskirts of the village of Orda and is divided intosurface and underwater part. Land occupies only 300 meters of the cave, while the underwater part stretches for 4.6 thousand meters. This is great news for divers. Fans of thrills travel from all over the country and abroad to plunge into the dark waters of the Orda cave.

Unfortunately, this cave is still poorly understood, so it may be a danger to inexperienced divers.

Glyadenovskaya mountain

In ancient times, the Perm Glory was a recognized place of magical power, where the gods directly heard the prayers of people.

From different parts of the Urals, Asia, and China, pilgrims came to the Gladen Mountain to offer sacrifices to the Gods and perform rituals asking for help or asking them.

Archaeological excavations at the topmountains, showed that in fact there is a structure similar to the buildings of the Maya and the Ancient Egyptians - the pyramid. It is not yet known what exactly this structure represented, but it is certain that the sacrifices were held here until the beginning of the last century.

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