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We create a children's playground in the kindergarten with our own hands

children's playground in the kindergarten with their own hands

So your maternity leave ended, and the mosttime to give the baby to the kindergarten. How do you want him to be comfortable there, to quickly find true friends, and time flew by unnoticed. But to create the necessary conditions for the child will have to work, because the arrangement of kindergartens leaves much to be desired. Adults should take care that their child has a normal children's playground in kindergarten. With your own hands it is quite feasible, especially if you connect the rest of the parents. Thus, you can not only create a cozy atmosphere for kids, but also to rally the team.

In this article, we will talk about how to makesites in the kindergarten with their own hands. In addition to the building material, two more things will be needed: the desire to work and a good mood. First of all, you need to draw a plan of what will be the children's plot in the kindergarten. With your own hands, the drawing may not work very well, so it's better to use special drawing programs, for example AutoCad. It is not difficult to understand, especially if you make simple sketches.

registration of a site in a kindergarten

Think about what elements will includechildren's playground. In the kindergarten with their own hands, you can build a very interesting site. For example, kids are especially pleased to conquer new peaks, which means that it will be difficult for them to do without ladders, loopholes and labyrinths. They can easily be made from old car tires of different sizes. The staircase can be built from polished planks. It is installed on a wooden or metal frame so that children can safely climb. Preliminary, the tree must be impregnated with a special antiseptic to prevent fungus and longer life. This applies to the rest of the wooden structures.

How else can you diversify the children's playground?In the kindergarten with their own hands it is easy to build a swing swing. They will need a seat made of wood (enough to take a piece of a wide board length of 40 cm) and a cable that can withstand up to 100 kg. On the sides of the seat, you need to drill two holes and insert a rope into them. Suspend this structure on a frame with a ladder and a bar, its dimensions will be approximately 180x300 cm.

No playground is complete withoutsandboxes. It would be nice to make it under a canopy, so that the little rain and the sun are not terrible to the kids. Again, the best material for a sandbox is a tree. It is the most durable and durable. Even a schoolboy can make a classic roof in the form of a fungus from old boards.

sites in kindergarten with their own hands
Then you can think over the design of the site inkindergarten. With their own hands, the flower beds made or at least a few small shrubs will already greatly alter the appearance of the site. Flowers should be planted most unpretentious, best of all annuals, which blossom all summer. These are marigolds, petunia, ageratum, begonia, salvia. They look great on flowerbeds and visually decorate the children's plot. Shrubs are better to choose low and non-sloppy, so that the kids can not get hurt about them. It is worth considering that they will often tear off leaves and flowers from the flower beds, so the latter can be made hanging.

Make paved paths, using wooden beams or ordinary tiles, and also do not forget about the benches for small fidgets. By your own means, you will create a comfort for your child.

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