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Comics "Academy of Ambrell": review, reviews. The Umbrella Academy

The comic book of Gerard Wey is absolutely different from the comic books that have been known so far. This is a unique story about seven superheroes who spent all their childhood together as foster children of Professor Hargreaves.

A series of issues has been published in one of the largest US publishing houses specializing in comics, Dark Horse Comics. Russian publishing house "Comilfo" released just 2 parts of the comic book in 2014.

"The Academy of Umbrella"

What is remarkable about this story? The growing popularity of comics The Umbrella Academy released on September 19, 2007. All comic book lovers who clearly follow the release of new products, of course, know this series. Quite remarkable characters, an interesting plot - this draws attention to history.

In the second part of the comic, Gerard Way better reveals the characteristics of the characters. The motives of the actions of each of the heroes are becoming clearer.

What is different from other American comic books?

Comic "Academy of Umbrella" is an action, a littlesurrealism. A talking monkey, Kosmoboy himself with the body of a giant gorilla, into which his head was transplanted after an accident on Mars, is all rather strange. However, those who like to read a funny fantasy before going to bed and who do not really care about realism, history will be like it.

Subsequently, the combined family of superheroes calls itself the Umbrella Academy and rises to protect the world. Like all superheroes, each of them has its own power, which it learns to control under the supervision of the alien Hargreaves, who lives on the ground under the guise of an inventor and an entrepreneur. In general, the plot is intolerably confused, but that's what makes it special.

the umbrella academy

The drawbacks are that the author did not work the universe well: events unfold simply on the planet Earth, but a year and a specific city are not indicated.

Plot. Heroes of the comics

In the story, one super talented professoradopted seven children with superpowers for the sake of the great idea of ​​saving the world. Events in the comics unfold after the death of Professor Hargreaves - Monocle. Him adopted children at this time for about 30 years.

academy of the ambrell

The monocle was good inventor-scientist, in a scientific way, he also addressed the children. Each child is numbered and has a "battle name". Hargreaves himself is an alien. The artist presented it as in the photo below.

comics academy ambrella

Superheroes are scattered, but the danger forces them to reassemble themselves. Uniting and forgetting past grievances, the children of Hargreaves once again save the world, as he desired them adoptive father.

  • Cosmoboy - 001. Luther has unusual strength and endurance. His body can even endure a cosmic cold without a spacesuit. He is the leader of the team.
  • Kraken - 002. The real name is Diego.All the time, in every act competes with his elder brother Luther for the leadership position. He is an excellent killer, throws knives like ace. What is his superpower? Diego can vague time to remain without air. His character is reckless. He does not listen to orders and constantly hunts drug dealers.
  • Hearing - 003, Alison. She has the gift of turning into reality what she said. But when her the voice disappears, along with it disappears and superpower. Alison becomes vulnerable. According to the plot has already by the age of 30 the ex-husband and daughter.
  • The session is 004. Klaus can communicate with the world of spirits. He also owns telekinesis and levitation. However, he must first take off his shoes.
  • The boy is 005. He has the ability to move into the future, although he does not know how to return. Learning to come back to his time, he was stuck at the age of 10. In the second part it becomes known that he is, in fact, the twin brother of Cosmoboy.
  • Ben Hargreaves - 006 - already dead at a time when the story of Umbrella begins.The circumstances and the time of his death are unknown. His strength was the ability to connect with a monster from another space. Tentacles appeared from his body, and so he "deserved" number 6.
  • Number 007 for Hargreaves - a pupil named "White Violin". Academy of Umbrella for her - an unfortunate past. This girl moved away from the group and did not want to participate in their enterprises. 007, the real name of Vanya, is able to extract huge sweeping waves with the help of sound.

The history of Vanya Hargreaves is as follows.The girl has the most destructive power, and Monocle did his best to restrain her strength. But then in her life appears the Orchestra conductor, which makes her even more powerful. The girl in the family was unwell, and she decides to betray her brothers and sister.

Who created the comic book?

Who is the author of the idea? Who designed the comic story?Gerard Way is also known as the famous soloist of the American band My Chemical Romance. In fact, Gerard was educated precisely artistic. In 1999 he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

After trying himself as a comic book writer, Gerard was not mistaken. His work is recognized as interesting and popular in the US and, thanks to the adaptation, in the CIS countries.

academy of ambrell in Russian

The artist of the issues is also Gabriel Ba.All the time they worked in co-authorship and learned from each other. The heroes came out pretty colorful, alive. The environment is a bit blurry, but many readers like that the emphasis is put on the action and character of the characters.

Award for the best story

The first issue of the comic was so successful that he immediately received a prize. "The Academy of Umbrella, the Suite of the Apocalypse" won the Eisner Award as the best finished story.

Academy of the Ambrell. Gerard Way

Why the first part is called "Suiteapocalypse "? In it, the Boy brings news from the future, in which members of the Academy are involved in the apocalypse. The second part - "Dallas" - was released in 2008. This part of the prize is not received.

Will there be a film adaptation?

Компания Netflix готова издать 10 эпизодов The series is based on the comic book "The Academy of Umbrella". Gerard Way was very excited about this and is looking forward to the release of the first series. It is planned to enter the screens in 2018.

white violin academy ambrella

Executive Producer of the Future ProjectSteve Blackman was appointed. For the pilot release scenario, Jeremy Slater answers. Director of the platform believes that this comic is very original, unlike the one seen by the audience, that's why he took up the implementation of this idea.

Together with the "Academy" bought the rights to film adaptation yet several popular comic books, such as Harvey County and others. The deal with the publishing of the comic book Dark Horse is designed for several years.

Umbrella Academy Comics in Russian

Publications in Russian were published for the first time 7 years after the release of the English version. Comics released in 2 versions. In the emerald edition and the usual. However, the emerald series was quickly dismantled.

Comics "Umbrella Academy" in the Russian versionpublished thanks to the efforts of Comilfo. They announced the fundraising for the purchase of rights to print this comic. The book released by the publisher contains 2 parts at once, plus the sketches of Gerard Way at the initial stages of creating an idea. Book in hard hardcover, total in the collection of 370 pages. The magazine is very colorful, the paper is excellent.

Comic Reviews

All passionate comic lovers immediately notedUmbrella Academy comics as one of the best. The authors do not pretend to create a separate universe, they simply depicted a rather interesting plot in pictures. In principle, for this and there are comics.

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