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Greek Visa Application Center - the gate to antiquity

Греческий визовый центр был создан, чтобы make life easier for tourists who want to admire ancient monuments, visit the famous islands of Greece, enjoy the beach and try Greek cuisine. In other words, when the tourist flow to this country became so great that the consulate could not cope with the issue of visas, it was decided to entrust this business to a third-party organization. This is called the smart word "outsourcing", that is, the use of the strength and capabilities of the hired structure to perform certain functions. Outsourcing can be given any services - and the issuance of visas is no exception.

Greek Visa Application Center

The Greek Visa Application Center has its own specialization.He deals exclusively with short-term visas - those issued for short-term visits. Such internationally considered travel, the total duration of which in total is not more than 90 days over six months. The Greek Visa Application Center works with tourists who are sent by travel companies, with those guests of the country who travel there at the invitation of relatives or friends, with businessmen and other people who travel to Greece on business. In particular, a short-term visa is issued to participants of various international congresses, conferences and seminars that are held in this country, athletes and artists who come for performances, as well as long-distance drivers who carry goods to or from there.

consulate of greece

Alas, I must admit that the Greek visa centerdoes not work for free. The minimum cost of a visa, which was at the time of registration at the consulate, has increased significantly. And the decrease in queues has led to an increase in the cost of tourists. By agreement with the European Union, the preferential cost of a Schengen visa for Russians should be 35 euros. But this agreement does not apply to the services of third-party structures. That is why an ordinary tourist often has to pay € 70 - not only consular, but also an additional service charge for the urgency of registration. On the other hand, if you compare this price with the price of companies specializing in urgent issuance of visas for various periods of time, then these rates will seem ridiculously low.

greek visa center in moscow

The Greek Visa Office in Moscow providestheir services are far from being for most people in the European part of Russia. Besides it, there are similar centers in St. Petersburg, Novorossiysk, Samara, Rostov-on-Don, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk and Vladivostok. In other words, they are as close as possible to the Russians, so fond of sunny Greece. However, the use of their services is not required. In our country, after all, there is more than one consulate in Greece, which has its own “controlled” territories, whose residents can freely use their services. In particular, consulates exist not only in Moscow, but also in St. Petersburg and Novorossiysk. In these three consulates and eventually flock documents from more numerous visa centers.

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