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Elite residential complex Aquaria Grande in Mumbai

We will virtually go to the "Gateway to India"18 millionth city of Art Nouveau and Victorian Gothic Mumbai, thrown off, like a straitjacket, the old Portuguese name "Bombay", gaining the strength of the financial, cultural and scientific heart of the country. However, the topic of this article will not be the main buildings of the Central and commercial banks, the Institute of Fundamental and the Center for Nuclear Research, and not even the 150-year-old Mumbai University, alma mater Mahatma Gandhi, measuring the new era of India with the ancient clock on the Rajabai Tower.

Our attention will be paid to the impressivean architectural masterpiece of modernity, commensurate with the legendary Semiramid Gardens, - the elite residential complex Aquaria Grande in Mumbai, which is the "star hour" of cyberarchitector from Singapore James Lo.

aquaria grande in mumbai
The customer of the construction was a richreal estate company Wadhwa Group. The elegant symmetrical architectural composition of two elite 37-storey residential buildings of glass and concrete is amazing.
aquaria grande in mumbai price
Powerful steel prefabricated frames of two residential buildingsThe Aquaria Grande in Mumbai is supported by futuristic harmonious structures with smooth contours of the side surfaces of panoramic glazing. But the main know-how of the project is the unique balconies-pools of modern composite materials equipped with undulating transparent walls, which are a bold and unexpected design solution of the creative project Aquaria Grande in Mumbai. The price of such a masterpiece corresponds to the category of buyers who are not used to counting money for a long time.

Buildings of Aquaria Grande in Mumbai beforeare natural, that something reminds the plants, consisting of cells, fibers, on which flows of energy, information flows. The construction of the residential complex is completed by huge curved futuristic surfaces - canopies of weightless, super-strong composite materials, reminiscent of fantastic birds landing on buildings from above.

The implemented project includes spaciousapartments (there are 200 of them), a stylishly decorated club area with an extensive outdoor pool, and a garden with alleys on the roof, a three-level modern parking lot. The original modernist curvilinear design of the club area, decorated with nonclassical composite columns, is decorated with a harmonious combination of white and intense brown tones. Panoramic glazing of the outer wall connects the interior interior of the Aquaria Grande in Mumbai with the opening charming landscape of the huge city.

aquaria grande in mumbai
Professional lighting - an important touch of the club interior, visiting it once, I want to come again.

Whatever the critics say, there is no doubt,that Aquaria Grande in Mumbai is already ranked among the examples of residential architecture of the future. House-water park, a frozen waterfall, the fruit of futuristic creativity. This project is another breakthrough in creating technologies that maximally approximate man's technogenic habitat to the natural environment, creating "buffer" zones between them. Another general dress rehearsal for the next stage of development is the harmonious fusion of architecture with nature.

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