/ How to get rid of trash and extra things?

How to get rid of junk and extra things?

In the house of each person there are things thathe is completely unnecessary. It can be books, CDs, souvenirs, clothes, cosmetics, utensils and much more. People who have lived through the years of shortage or deprivation are used to storing old things "for a rainy day," with the thought that they will someday come in handy. As a rule, this does not happen, and things that accumulate in the house, office, garage or at the dacha, simply absorb the resource of their owners. In this article, we will learn how to get rid of trash and unnecessary things, and find out why it's important to do it as quickly as possible.

How to get rid of junk

Why are old things harmful?

When there are too many unnecessary things in the house,to put things in order is very difficult. Moreover, no matter how much you clean, in a house littered with old things, it will not be clean, since all this rubbish will collect a lot of dust. At the same time, to find something really necessary, you have to spend a lot of time. The disorder has an amazing ability to self-proliferation.

In a room that is full of unnecessarythings, it is difficult to concentrate and relax, as all of them constantly appear before our eyes and fall under the arm. Feng Shui adherents believe that the accumulation and clutter of unnecessary things in the room hinders the free circulation of energy, disrupts the positive life processes of the household and drains their life. Therefore, you should get rid of the trash in the house as soon as possible. All the old is closing us from the new. Especially this problem is felt in small flats and houses.

It is unlikely that anyone will argue that living ina spacious bright room, filled with only pleasant things, is much better. So let's figure out how to get ourselves rid of junk and thereby greatly facilitate your life.

How to get rid of trash and unnecessary things

The strategy of getting rid of unnecessary things

In Europe and America for more than ten years workingfirms that specialize in getting rid of unnecessary things and ordering the right ones. In our latitudes such business is not yet widespread, but this is not a problem, because everything can be done independently. When clearing a room of junk people usually begin to experience a certain excitement and can not stop. Therefore, the main thing here is to start.

It is advisable to get rid of the trash as soon as possible,but if time is short, this lesson should be given at least 2 hours a week. Cleaning should be done systematically, dividing the house into several problem areas. An example of such a zone can be a junk-filled cabinet.

Unnecessary items found during the cleaning process can be divided into several categories:

  1. Those that need to be discarded or disposed of.These are morally or physically obsolete things that do not have a material or emotional value. They should be sent without remorse to the dump or to the disposal.
  2. Those that you can give to other people.This category includes things that are in good condition, but do not represent value to the owner. For example, toys can be given to an orphanage, and books to a library. Charity is a good option for those who experience blame, throwing out good, but unnecessary things. The fact that for one rubbish, for another can be a treasure, so before you send something to a landfill, think, it would not be useful for someone else.
  3. Those that can be sold.This includes things that you do not need, but still have material value. To sell such things on the Internet, there are many convenient services. In order for the sale to take place, the owner of the item will need to post her photo, take calls from customers and deal with the delivery of the sold goods. If all these efforts are justified, then why not? In addition, in many cities there are so-called "flea markets", where you can pay for anything at a small price. And in some cities, so-called garage sales are gaining popularity, which can bring a good income.
  4. Those that can be repaired.This includes broken things that may still be usable. When deciding to leave such a thing, you need to ask for a period for which it is worth repairing. If nothing changes after a while, then you need to get rid of this junk as quickly as possible.
  5. Those on whose account there are doubts.All things, which are difficult to make a quick decision, should be collected in one package and put aside for a certain period, for example, for a year. If in a year this package remains untouched, it can be safely thrown out, without even looking inside.

Get rid of the trash quickly

Getting rid of the trash in the apartment on the strategy,given above, you can largely relieve your home. It remains only practical to organize the remaining things and enjoy the space. But that is not all. Everyone has things that, without practical value, are endowed with great spiritual value. If you store them indiscriminately, you can force the whole house. We'll talk about this below.

Dear soul, but unnecessary things

In each house there are objects that resemblemaster about this or that period of his life, some important person, achievement and so on. For example, men store a soldier's tunic, and girls - a bridesmaid dress. It can also be gifts that a person does not throw out of a sense of duty to the one who gave them. Such examples can be given a huge amount, but the point is not in this, but in the fact that some of these things must necessarily be disposed of.

To cherish things that cause sentimentalmood, it is quite natural. Especially when they are associated with especially important people, any memory of which can cause pleasant feelings. However, it is impossible to keep everything that reminds of happy moments of life. The collection of such things requires too much space, time and energy. Getting rid of such rubbish, as a rule, is the most difficult. However, it is not necessary to throw everything out. The most expensive one can be left, and everything else can be arranged using one of the above methods.

Get rid of the rubbish in the apartment: strategy

Photo for memory

As a rule, the image of an object has the samean emotional charge, like himself. Therefore, to throw an expensive item was easier, it just need to take a picture and save this photo on the computer. In this case it is desirable to write with which person or event this object is associated, when it was purchased and so on. To make critical photos and files not lost in the event of a computer crash, it's worth copying them to an additional hard drive.

Leave the best

Leaving too many symbolic things notIt is necessary, it is enough to select the best of them, and quickly get rid of the trash. This is especially true if you have a large number of approximately the same things, for example, a porcelain service, inherited from a grandmother. Leaving one cup from it, you can largely relieve the space, while retaining pleasant memories.


If the house has accumulated a lot of paper relics andphotos, they can simply be scanned and stored digitally. Agree, it is much easier to have a folder on the computer than a box on the closet, which only does what the dust collects. If you do not have time to do it yourself, just find a firm that will do the job quickly and relatively inexpensively.

Having scanned photos, letters and other papervalues, you can send them to people who are directly related to them. It's much nicer than just throwing a thing. Most likely, the addressee will get acquainted with it, smile, remember the past and throw out the thing, because it was not kept in his house and soul all this time. It will be easier for him to say goodbye to her, and this should be taken advantage of.

Get rid of junk: how to force yourself


If a thing is not used for its intended purpose,it does not mean that it's time to put a cross on it. By changing the appointment of objects to a more practical one, you can unload the house and leave important memories in memory. For example, from old clothes, which the owner wore on especially important days, you can make a blanket. Such a blanket not only warms in a cold winter, but also serves as an original decor object. If expensive clothing is small, you can make a pillow out of it.

Friend help

American scientists have established that by touchingto an object, even the most extraordinary and ordinary, a person enters into an emotional connection with him. This is especially evident in women. As this item is stored, the connection becomes stronger. If you do not want to part with something, but you understand that it is necessary to do this, ask the friend to take this item for a while to himself. Over time, you will get out of this thing and be able to throw it out with a clear conscience.

Gift giving

Gifts are a special category of things.When a person gets rid of old rubbish, they are almost the main problem. With his present, the donor tries with all his heart to please his dear man. Therefore, gifts are always of great emotional value and occupy a special place in the house. Nevertheless, most of them do not bear practical value, but only litter the house, from time to time reminding themselves of another layer of dust. To get rid of such a thing without a twinge of conscience, it can be transferred to another person or donated to charity. Most likely, the donor, if he has a sense of tact, will never ask you about the fate of the thing donated to him. And if he asks, you can always leave the question carefully.

How to get rid of junk in the house

Do not hesitate

If you decide to get rid of the rubbish in the apartment,as soon as possible is to implement the plan. Especially it concerns things that cause sentimental emotions. As long as a person knows that once a thing dear to him lies in a garbage bag and claims to be thrown out, he may change his mind.

Remaining things

Everything you decided to keep in your house aftergetting rid of excess trash, should be in sight and used regularly. Such things are not the place in the box on the closet or attic. If the things claiming such storage remained, then the cleaning was of poor quality. Do not keep in the house something that you can not take with you to a new life, for which, in fact, people are asking themselves how to get rid of excess rubbish in an apartment or house.

It is necessary to know the measure

Wanting to change my life and throw out of it allunnecessary, in order to open themselves up for new purchases and emotions, many are flirting and throwing everything out. Then it turns out that among the ejected junk there was something really important, for example, some kind of document. For example, the wife got rid of the old rubbish and did not notice that there were important things for her husband among him, or vice versa. This often happens with those who use boxes when moving from one house to another. Even if you remember that in a certain box there are really unnecessary things and that you have not looked into it for several years before it is thrown away it is still recommended to check the contents!

How to get rid of excess rubbish in the apartment

Cleaning on the computer

Talking about how to get rid of trash and excessthings, many forget that the computer also needs regular cleaning. “Why not fill your computer with unnecessary files, if it does not increase in volume?” Is a thought that one day comes to most users. Indeed, you can easily store thousands of files on your computer with confidence that if they are useful, you will always be at hand. But, as a rule, only tens of files are of real value. A cluttered computer is slower and may fail at the most inappropriate moment, as a result of which the user risks losing what is really valuable to him (photos of loved ones, electronic documents, etc.). Therefore, to treat cleaning a computer is as responsible as cleaning a house. Trash in the computer also prevents us from productive work, as well as trash in the room.

Especially not recommended to leave on the computerall that you can find at any time on the Internet or download. Also, it is not superfluous to get rid of programs that are not used in everyday life, but take up a lot of space. The most important files are recommended to be stored in two copies: one on the computer, and the second on the removable media.


Today we have learned how to get rid of junkin his home and make the surrounding space more favorable for work and leisure. Superfluous things not only take up a lot of space and create discomfort, but also accumulate energy. In this way they shut a person from everything new and unknown. Therefore, periodically it is worthwhile to reconsider the expediency of finding certain things in your home. For residents of a private home, it will be superfluous also to get rid of the trash on the site.

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