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In the French side ... Student visa to France

Obtaining education in public institutions of higher educationFrance has an indisputable advantage. This is a guarantee of the quality of knowledge, a professional internship for 6 months and a qualified teaching staff. Most of the universities enjoy international recognition. France occupies an honorable third place in the world in terms of the number of foreign students after the US and England. A student visa to France provides a chance for young people to get a good education in order to create a successful career.

student visa to France


It is not difficult to become a university student here.This requires a student visa to France and the age of 18 years. But graduates of secondary schools in Russia often have ages 16-17, according to French law, such an applicant will need a guardian, and it's the resident of France and only from the city where the teenager plans to study. Therefore, in order to avoid such difficulties, it is easier to unlearn the first course at home and gradually prepare documents for admission to the university. A positive aspect of this situation will be the results of university sessions, to which the interview shows more confidence than to the school certificate. It will also require a student visa to France, for which it is better to prepare a package of documents in advance.

guest visa to France

For admission to the French university is notIt is required to pass entrance examinations, only documents on secondary education are shown. Thus, the applicant becomes a first-year student. However, during the initial year of training, strict selection is carried out, and many students who do not succeed in one or another discipline are expelled.

A good incentive for obtaining qualityof education are scholarship programs, for which the French government allocates about 1.5 million euros. First-year students receive a small amount - only 200 euros. However, becoming a fellowship, you get more opportunities. In addition, that you will have the official status of a student in France, you can still settle in an inexpensive student hostel at the university.

Cost of education

Getting a prestigious education for a successful career opens up opportunities visa to France.The cost of studying at the university for the year will cost a registration fee of 250-700 euros. Continuation of studies after university in higher schools of France will cost more: from 6-12 thousand euros per year.

visa to France cost
Visa regime

Can be short-term and long-term.The first species is issued for 3 months (on the same principle as the guest visa to France). The second kind is required for students who are already studying, and it must be constantly renewed. A long-term student visa to France will require you to collect such a package of documents:

- Passport of the future student;

- an explanatory letter in English or French on the reason for the need to obtain a visa;

- confirming documents for funds required for residence in the country: the minimum amount should be about 4300 euros per year;

- confirmation of the availability of housing for residence on the territory of the country;

- a document indicating the enrollment in an educational institution in France;

- medical insurance.

After completing the training, you will get a high chance ofgetting a prestigious job. Specialists with a French diploma are always in great demand on the labor market, not only in Europe, but throughout the world.

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