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Accidents can not be foreseen, but you can insure yourself

We have far gone from primitive people, but onethe factor of vital activity remains constant in human life. This is a danger factor. Despite the fact that people do their best to make their environment safe, accidents can happen anywhere and with anyone. It is impossible to foresee the occurrence of such a case, you can only minimize the damage.

The classification of accidents has differentstructure. Emergency situations can be natural and man-caused, they can be domestic and industrial, single, if one person is injured, and group, if two or more people are injured. In addition, accidents are also different in terms of the severity of the injuries received. Injuries can be mild, moderate, severe, and also incompatible with life, that is, fatal.

Natural cataclysms of late no onenot surprising. Us if not floods, then we burn. The soil collapses, they descend from the mountains. There are absolutely incredible things - tornadoes in the central regions of Russia (at these latitudes such phenomena have not previously been observed). Every season we have anomalous: severe frost in winter, hot summer, icy rains. Even the fall of the meteorite is no longer a fantasy. In total, you will not list. Each natural catastrophe suffers a large number of people, receiving mutilation of varying severity.

classification of accidents
The same can be said about technogenic catastrophes,the number of which is increasing every year, especially in our country. It's no secret that the main production facilities that exist now operate from Soviet times, many of them did not even bother to change equipment. Owners, for the most part, care only about their own profits and hope for a chance. So we have the result in the form of increasing dangerous production. Most of the country sits like a powder keg, you never know where it's going.

Accidents can occur in the processlabor activity. This is a separate category of emergency situations. In this case, the employer takes over the costs of restoring health, since he must organize the production process so that he is as safe as possible for employees, he also pays the premiums for medical insurance. At our enterprises, very often safety equipment is neglected, both by the managers responsible and by the workers themselves, who carry out the production process.

insurance against accidents and diseases
Accidents can not be foreseen, it depends on the coincidence of many factors in one period of time. We take part in life's difficulties in part philosophically,
partly tolerable, partly with a certainshares of indifference. Western society has long worked out certain rules from the field "to lay straws", and people there feel much calmer. Although constantly grumbling about the cost of insurance and the need to pay for them.

We do not take insurance for our lives.But insurance against accidents and diseases will help to provide financial support for the treatment and rehabilitation of a person after the occurrence of an insured event. While in Russia is mandatory only registration of compulsory motor TPL insurance (Compulsory Insurance of Motor Civil Liability). This insurance must cover the damage caused to vehicles, and the costs of treating the injured.

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