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Wonderful healing properties of Echinacea

Echinacea - a perennial plant of the familyAstrope, growing to a height of 120 cm. It has unusually beautiful flowers - large purple baskets. Scientists around the world have long been studying the healing properties of echinacea. It is actively used in medicine and cosmetology. In pharmacies now you can see the preparations based on this herbaceous plant in various forms: filter bags, tinctures, effervescent tablets, extracts.

What determines the therapeutic properties of Echinacea?

therapeutic properties of Echinacea
The chemical analysis of the plant revealed 7biologically active substances, among which separately should be noted such as polysaccharides, caffeic acid, flavonoids, lipids and alkylamines. Also in Echinacea are oils, tannins and various vitamins useful for the body (A, C, E).

Any specialist will be able to confirm that all of these substances can have a beneficial effect on the human body, saving many ailments.

How exactly are the healing properties of Echinacea?

Particularly good preparations based on thisplants in a complex with others at medicamental treatment of this or that disease, and as preventive measures - are simply irreplaceable. The following useful properties of Echinacea are noted:

  • increased immunity;
  • improvement of metabolism;
  • antiallergic and antiviral properties;
  • effective healing of wounds, different types of burns, snake bites and insects;
  • treatment of respiratory tract infections (even chronic);
  • treatment of dermatitis and other skin diseases,
  • treatment of diseases of the oral cavity;
  • getting rid of neuroses and depressions;
  • cancer treatment.

Feel the healing properties of Echinacea

Prepare at home a healing decoction based on echinacea is not difficult. In this case, you will always have a cure for all diseases at hand. Here are a few simple recipes.

echinacea medicinal properties contraindications
Broth from the leaves of the plant

1 tsp. just cut or dried leaves Echinacea grind and brew in a water bath in a glass of water. We give the mixture to brew, and then take a teaspoon three times a day.

This remedy will reduce painful sensations in ulcers and gastritis of the stomach, with pain in the head and joints.

Healing tea

For its preparation we need driedechinacea. Flower, the medicinal properties of which are as high as the rhizome of the plant, crush (3 pieces), brew with hot water (0.5 liters) and insist about 40 minutes. The resulting tea should be drunk daily for 1 cup per day.

Decoction from the root of the plant

1 tbsp. l. dry root root pour 300 ml of water, boil in a water bath for about half an hour, cool and filter. Use the resulting broth should be 1 tbsp. l. not less than 3-5 times daily.

This is an excellent medicine for flu and colds.

Are there any contraindications for taking echinacea?

Echinacea flower healing properties
Like any other medicine, somerestrictions in admission and has echinacea. Therapeutic properties, contraindications and dosage will necessarily be indicated on the package to the drug purchased in the pharmacy (unless, of course, you have grown the plant yourself). Echinacea is contraindicated:

  • children up to 12 years;
  • pregnant and lactating mothers;
  • people with blood diseases;
  • patients with tuberculosis and rheumatoid arthritis.
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