/ / Vacuum cap is useful to any hostess. Do not believe - check for yourself

The vacuum cap is useful to any hostess. Do not believe - check for yourself

Vacuum caps for canning appearedrelatively recently, and have not yet been able to win the hearts of those women who are used to the standard version with tin lids or plastic. Yes, and they are, at first glance, much more expensive. To understand whether the game is worth the candle, you need to make some calculations. And they show that if you do not regret the funds, learn how to use them correctly, and do not lose money with quality, then over time it will become clear - a vacuum cover is a very economical option.

Do not believe their quality? Check on your own experience

Если брать в учёт, что такой кухонный девайс – reusable in terms of use, not regretting once the money on a quality product, you forget about buying tin lids for a long time. Each cover can survive two hundred closures, and this is a service life of at least three years.

You can usually find commercially available kits fromthree, nine or more caps, and a special pump. You can take the minimum set for the sample, to evaluate for yourself the benefits, understand how to handle them and try out in practice what kind of preparation will be obtained as a result of "vacuumization". That is, vacuum covers with a pump can and should be purchased for starters as a probe.

vacuum caps for canning

Operating principle

To begin with, let’s focus on the fact that such lids are used only for glass jars. No other containers with a suitable neck (tin, plastic) are suitable for this.

Next, you need to ensure integritybanks. You must understand that by creating a vacuum, you thereby create a pressure inside that is lower than that of the environment. Thus, cracks and chips may contribute to the fact that the bank will burst. But we don't want that, right? Therefore, we carefully examine the bank for defects.

Naturally, banks should be sterilized andlids before closing. Next, firmly press the cover to the neck, and no less tightly insert the pump. Taking the handle in the handle, move the pump rod up and down until it spontaneously starts to return down. This can be considered the completion of the closure. After you practice, the process will take two minutes at most.

vacuum caps with pump
If the pump has got something from the preservation - brine, jam pieces, etc., you need to rinse it with warm water.

It is easy not only to close, but also to open

To open conservation, for whichvacuum cap was used, no instruments needed. It is enough just to raise the valve at the place where the pump is fixed, the air will get inside the can and the lid will open with ease.

vacuum cap

It is practical that, even opening a jar of cucumbers, for example, you can close them again using the same lid, and thus extend their shelf life again.

Vacuum caps - for canning and only?

About reusable talked.The advantage that the vacuum cap has over the usual one, is that it is applicable not only for canning. With this device you can even store food in the refrigerator. As you know, oxygen is bad for the safety of any kind of food, be it raw or fresh, meat is either fish, fruit or vegetables. Vacuum lids for cans allow you to save nutrients and slow down the deterioration process. If you are an adherent only to freeze or store food in cling film, it will be difficult to convince you, but it is possible. To some it may seem awkward to store cheese, meat or fruit in jars under the lid. The only argument is that the vacuum cap allows you to save food for much longer. You do not need to do this all the time, use this method of storage during departure, for example.

For bulk products, spices, coffee or tea, this cover will also be an excellent solution.

vacuum caps for cans
Air will not enter tanks with suchsubstances, and will not leave them. Due to this, all fragrances distributed by seasonings will remain, moisture will not penetrate to them, which is why you can avoid fear of problems with mold, food moth, etc.

Even technical substances such as paint, linseed oil, glue, can be saved from fast drying. One has only to understand that in the event of pollution it is unlikely to be aesthetically pleasing to reuse the covers.

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