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Pitched roofs in individual construction

In individual construction usually meetOnly pitched types of roofs that are capable of providing a natural drainage of atmospheric precipitation. They can also act as a separate decorative element, successfully completing the main part of the structure. When constructing such structures, the structure of the rafter system plays an important role, since the reliability of the whole structure depends on the correct execution. Even the simplest types of wooden roofs must withstand a roof covering, which prevents penetration of moisture inside the structure. Therefore, for supporting elements it is recommended to choose strong wood without large knots, impregnated with antiseptic agents.

Types of roofs
The simplest in terms of construction areodnoskatnye types of roofs that occur very often on the territory of our country. With this option, the roof plane rests on the walls of the building, which must have different heights to provide a drain. This type of construction of the upper part is mainly used for outbuildings, verandas, terraces, garages and some decorative elements. Only in rare cases can you see a small residential house under one slope.

Types of roofs
Although the above types of roofs differeconomical, requiring a minimum number of building materials in the construction, it was the gable structures that gained popularity. Thanks to them, it is possible to use the internal space as an attic or an attic. Two planes can be at different angles, connecting at the top. The resulting space under the skates is confined to pediments that are opposite each other. Such a wide distribution of such structures is due to their functionality and economy.

Types of wooden roofs
Другие виды крыш домов используются в умеренных latitudes are much rarer, but they are common in regions with strong winds. There, for example, are often arranged hip or hipped structures, which allow to reduce the wind load on the upper part of the structure. This is made possible by a streamlined shape that is defined by the four rays. The hipped roof is a pyramid with four facets. When erecting a dwelling with sides in the form of a square or an equilateral polygon, it is performed quite often. The hip construction is characterized by the fact that two opposite slopes form trapezoids, rather than triangles.

Modern buildings, distinguished by specialarchitectural delights, require and complex types of roofs. In many situations, a multi-clasp design is made. However, it is very difficult to make the upper part of the hands, so in the vast majority of cases, they turn to professionals. In the process of work you have to deal with a lot of ribs, skates, ends and so on. An apartment house with such a roof can stand out from thousands of other buildings with its original appearance.

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