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A short script "Happy Birthday, Elina!"

For any person, the best holiday is a birthday. It is expected not only by small children, but also by adults. The reason is that this is an individual holiday for everyone.

On this day, everyone is waiting for a miracle and gifts and they want,so that it was wonderful, unforgettable and unique. Therefore, relatives and friends, friends and colleagues try to arrange a truly magical holiday for the birthday. No wonder it is also called "The Day of Jam" or "The Day of the Angel."

Happy Birthday Elina
Consider an example scenario for the holiday, entitled "Happy Birthday, Elina!" (The name can be anything).

Birthday is a magical holiday

A pleasant surprise will certainly please the birthday man. Therefore, you can make sure that he does not suspect about the upcoming holiday.

All the relatives will gather. It is necessary to agree in advance, in what clothes to come on a holiday.

You can make a pirate party. For this, everyone wears pirate costumes. It's a sailor's vest, a black vest and jeans trousers. A mandatory attribute is a hat and a bandage for one eye.

You can make a holiday in Japanese style. All put on a kimono with a belt. Women are given appropriate hairstyles. In his hands - a fan.

Most importantly - it is interesting and original to arrange the room where the holiday will be held.

As soon as Elina enters the room (house, apartment) all guests shout: "Happy Birthday, Elina!" And throw a multicolored tinsel.

The effect of surprise will give a feeling of joy and magic.

Beautiful decoration of the room, a variety of delicious and delicious dishes, cheerful faces of guests - all this will surely please the birthday girl Elina.

Congratulations on "Happy Birthday!" Eline

Then all the guests take turns to congratulatethe culprit of the celebration. Some prepared speech in verse and songs. But the meaning of all is the same: everyone wants Elina to be happy, healthy and happy with relatives and relatives.

  1. Dear, beautiful Elina!

On this very brightest day,

I want to congratulate you on your birthday.

And sincerely wish you:

A lot of joy, health and success,

Happiness and, of course, love.

And friends of caring and faithful,

May your desires be fulfilled!

Be always surrounded by hope

And the love of loved ones and relatives.

Be always so bright and gentle,

And luck will be your companion.

Congratulations on Elene's birthday

2. You are beautiful, like a goddess

You're smart and cheerful.

Happy birthday, Elina!

Happiness, joy, warmth!

3. Do not be sad

About the past years.

Every year is an experience

On your shoulders.

4. My dear Elina,

I congratulate you heartily.

And from the bottom of my heart I wish

Staying flawless.

The symbol of any birthday is the song Happy birthday to you in the performance of the guests of the celebration. If you still give a chic cake to the birthday girl - it will be a truly unforgettable sight.

Gifts for Elina

Who does not like gifts? Especially those that go from the heart? Especially on your angel day? Especially from loved ones and relatives?

The most important thing is the right approach when choosinggift. It must be both necessary and useful. For example, a favorite fragrance of perfume, an interesting book, jewelry, household appliances, stylish clothes. At the presentation, it is desirable to accompany the gift with a beautiful speech: "Happy birthday, Elina! Let this gift decorate your life. Stay always so beautiful and attractive! "

The gift can be supplemented with a chic bouquet of favorite flowers of Elinochka.

From small children, a birthday gift, Elina! Will be a wonderful gift (the inscription can be made with golden paint, it gives a special charm to the gift).

Postcards happy birthday Elina


Without a doubt, after such a holiday, allwill disperse in a fine mood. Most importantly - Elina will fly in the clouds with happiness and feel that she is loved and appreciated. And this means that the purpose of organizing the holiday is achieved. And this celebration will become a holiday not only for Elina, but for all the guests present.

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