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Cross-tattoo. What does it mean and to whom does it fit?

Tattoos in our time are popular. This is not only a way to distinguish yourself from the crowd, but also to create a special aura, to simulate energy and to gain protection of higher forces, luck, love.

cross tattoo
Therefore, the approach to drawing a tattoo and choosing a drawing should be particularly careful. Especially if a cross (tattoo) is applied to the body. Therefore, consider the cross from the point of view of esotericism.

The Meaning of the Cross

Such tattoos require a special approach.Crosses, as a religious symbol, have a special meaning. On the one hand, it is faith, the protection of the Lord, the harmony of the soul, and on the other - it is a symbol of suffering, the redemption of sins. Not for nothing they say: "To bear the cross." Therefore, before you have a cross-tattoo on your shoulder or arm, you should weigh all the pros and cons. Although it is believed that it is not necessary to be a follower of a particular religion to make such a tattoo, but this step should be approached as responsibly as possible.

Variety of constructions
which means a tattoo cross

Due to the great diversity, cross-tattooingcan be the most diverse. The most popular are the Celtic crosses. They are knots of especially complex work, which have neither a beginning nor an end. This is a very beautiful drawing, because of what he is most often chosen. But such tattoos have a deeper meaning. Often this cross is imbued with the descendants of Scots, Irish and Valians as a token of pride in the legacy of their ancestors. In addition, it symbolizes spiritual development, being the legacy of the iron cross of the Teutonic knights, and later - of the German military.

The Gothic cross is quite similar to the Christian, but in itself contains swords, cloth and knives. It has no religious background or any special meaning.

The Christian cross.The tattoo is depicted as a Latin wooden or with the crucifixion of Christ. Nails are in his hands, and a wreath of thorns is on his head. The latter option is quite heavy and will not suit everyone, since, apart from purification, purification of the soul from sins through suffering can also bring. This is

tattoo cross on the back
there is the same burden that will simulate your life. Not the fact that such changes will please you. But you can mitigate the overall effect if you dilute the drawing with something of your own.

Individual people make a cross tattoo as a token of love, adding to it the name and date on the plate. Also very popular is the tattoo in the form of beads, wrapped around the wrist, at the end of which the cross is beaten out.

Dilute the general background

A tattoo-cross on the back can be depicted inthe kind of crossed objects that will only remotely resemble a religious symbol. So, wondering what the cross-tattoo means, which forms two crossed swords, you will not find a clear answer. Ideally, you should make a drawing yourself, in which you put your meaning. As a symbol of love, you can add roses, vines, precious stones (figuratively speaking). Any symbol in which you put your meaning, will work for you. But if you are still not sure whether it is worth to apply the cross to the body, it is better to choose another image, in which you will be sure for sure.

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