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"Bubble Gam" - a cocktail for all occasions. Recipes of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks

Cocktails have long been the most populardrinks on friendly gatherings, luxurious parties and official corporate parties. Having a lot of advantages, among which the refinement of serving, prolonged savoring and invigorating effect, they become an excellent decoration of any table. Many ladies often choose "Bubble Gam" - a cocktail that has a stunning flavor and unforgettable taste.

How to make a soft drink?

"Bubble Gam" is a chewing gum, a prototypewhich was invented even by the ancient Greeks. It was they who in time immemorial began to eat after the meal resin of the mastic tree, trying with it to clean the teeth of the remnants of food and freshen your breath. In 1848, the Americans set up an official issue of delicacies, but it took them half a century to find the ideal formula from which "Bubble Gam" was made. The cocktail is produced under the same brand, not because it includes chewing gum, but thanks to a syrup under the same name. A sweet liquid, also called "Bubble Gam", looks like chewing gum with its similar persistent aroma and bright pink color.

bubble cocktail
For the preparation of a non-alcoholic cocktail youIt will take 100 milliliters of pasteurized milk and 30 ml of syrup. The ingredients are blended with a blender and poured into the glass. Although many housewives claim that it is not necessary to spoil the device, since the drink is perfectly mixed and with the help of a spoon. Ready-made milkshake "Bablam Gam", adored by kids, will become a wonderful "highlight" of any children's holiday.

Alcohol options

With any alcoholic beverages a syrup is combined"Bubble Gam": a cocktail made with these ingredients, it turns out tasty and moderately strong. For example, "Storm warning". It includes 10 milliliters of syrup, the same amount of apple juice and 20 ml of vodka. Drink with a cocktail spoon laid out with balls - in the same order as the ingredients listed above.

milkshake bubblen
Cocktail "Delusion" has several differences.Firstly, it often contains lemon juice instead of apple juice. Secondly, slightly different proportions are observed: 30 milliliters of vodka, half the amount of syrup and 5 ml of juice. The drink also consists of balls, the order of which is similar to "Storm warning", besides, it gives energy and vivacity. But this is not all cocktails with the use of "Babl Gama". In great respect, the public has also drinks "Silicon Valley" and "Barbie". The first includes 20 ml of syrup, the same amount of vodka, 40 ml of orange juice and 4 cubes of ice. The second consists of "Bable Gama", sugar cane syrup, lemon juice and lime. All components are taken in the following volume - one tablespoon.

Cocktail "Bubble Gam"

It does not include the syrup of the same name.Why is the so-called cocktail, it is unknown. Although, most likely, the creators carried out an analogy with a pronounced taste and persistent smell, which are inherent in these two drinks. To prepare a cocktail, use a shaker. In it, pour in a few slices of ice, then pour in 50 milliliters of pomegranate grenadine, 30 ml of banana liqueur, rum and alcoholic dessert drink Southen Comfort. All components are mixed well and poured into a glass of champagne.

bubble cocktail
Finally I want to mention and about smoothies -soft drink. It often includes the syrup "Bubble Gam" - the cocktail as a result turns out fragrant and sweet. To prepare a delicious smoothie, it is enough to take one jar of yogurt, 120 ml of milk and 20 ml of syrup. The ingredients are blended into a blender until smooth and poured into a glass filled with crushed ice. A cool drink is served on the table in a glass decorated with mint leaves.

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