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Consolidation is a new development step

Most modern applicationsis oriented to application in computer networks, therefore their effective work usually does not depend on physical location of computing capacities. If the enterprise has a developed network infrastructure, then it can be effectively used to optimize costs, which are usually associated with equipment maintenance. The essence of the idea is that it is necessary to create a single large center for information processing instead of a number of small server rooms. This is noticeably cheaper, because in a single center can be concentrated much more efficient server platforms, which will be managed by qualified personnel.

This method of optimizing support costslarge information systems is becoming more common, and called it a consolidation. A particular case of this is the lease of external computing power and applications, when this process is performed on an external site.

Consolidation is a new approach to optimization

If we talk about this term, it's worth ithighlight logical and physical consolidation. When it comes to the latter, the servers are moved to the common information center, they can be represented on the computer network in the same way as before, that is, a number of network services is assigned to one physical server. Logical consolidation is the connection of computing server resources that can be realized without moving them to a single network resource in the physical sense. At the moment, there is an urgent need for such an implementation. Due to this, it is possible to manage the network from several physical servers, as if it is one single device.

Consolidation is the process by whichform a set of requirements to which this procedure must be consistent so that its use is economically viable: for users, the application should not become less accessible; the style of working with the application should not change; information security should not worsen; while a significant reduction in the total cost of using the entire information system should be ensured.

The simplest consolidation is a mergerseveral companies with different information systems. In this case, due to this, significant savings can be achieved by eliminating duplicating elements, as well as using existing resources as efficiently as possible. Another example is the consolidation of data, where the most important is the logical component that allows the central office to monitor the activities of information systems of branches.

If you migrate resource-intensive applications tocentralized servers, the cost of the workstation can be reduced, which can be realized by using cheaper computers to equip jobs where a strictly fixed set of programs will work, the ideal option in this case is the browser. After the consolidation of servers in a single information processing center allows not only to increase the degree of their protection, but also to increase the degree of reliability of calculations. And here we are talking about both physical and network security. Each case allows you to use your strategies and methods of consolidation, allowing it to optimize. And for this case there is a universal solution - virtualization, which allows to change the logical and physical configuration of the system.

And the last significant moment is the consolidation of financial statements, which requires the interaction of different parts of the system to obtain data from various sources.

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