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Institute for Internet Development (IRI): history, goals, projects

IRI is a relatively newly createdan organization whose main task is the development of modern technologies in Russia - media resources, Internet networks, related software, etc. Let's get to know her more closely, as well as with her main activities.

History of the Institute for Internet Development

The idea of ​​creating such a lobbying organizationwas expressed in 2014 at the RIW Forum. The project was supported by V. Volodin, an official of the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation. Almost the whole of 2015 was devoted to determining the format and directions of the activities of the Institute, its goals, objectives, management system. As a result, Herman Klimenko was appointed chairman of the new structure. The founders of the Islamic Republic of Iran were:

  • Center for Internet Technologies;
  • Russian Association of Electronic Communications;
  • fund for the development of Internet initiatives;
  • Media-communication union.

Institute for Internet Development

In the same year, a new project wasthe first event is the "Internet + Economy" Forum. Its importance is evidenced by the fact that, according to the results of the forum, certain assignments of VV Putin to the branches of the federal government were formulated. In 2016 eight key forums of the Internet Development Institute were organized, which we will discuss in more detail. Today, the IRI specializes in collecting and processing the statistics of the Internet-dependent Russian and foreign branches of public life that are necessary for itself, analyzing these data.

The goals and vectors of the IRI

The main objectives of the Institute are:

  1. Creation of an active intersectoral discussion space.
  2. Consolidation, interpretation and popularization of sectoral studies and their results.
  3. Opening a dialogue with the power of all Internet users of the Russian Federation.
  4. Formation of a single center of knowledge related to the industry.

an Internet Development Institute

Based on the above goals, ANO "Institute for Internet Development" has formed the following areas of its work:

  1. Creation of a long-term program for the development of the Runet and related segments of the economy.
  2. Work on a draft law that would give developers of Russian software advantages in public procurement.
  3. The introduction of Russian software into the structure of state power, the creation of comfortable conditions for its developers, the emergence of the possibility of creating state orders for the development of the required software.
  4. Creation of an association of Russian software developers under the supervision of Rostecha in the person of the NCC.
  5. Development of certain requirements for the work of instant messengers.
  6. Development of the Federal Law "On Telemedicine".
  7. Creation of specialized laboratories, technoparks based on IT-universities of the country with the assistance of large business and Internet companies.
  8. Creating a rating of Russian IT-universities.
  9. Development of common standards for all official government relations.
  10. Creation of the "Rating of smart cities of the Russian Federation".

Herman Klimenko and the Institute for Internet Development

Let's talk about the head of the IRI.German Sergeevich Klymenko by profession is a system programmer and economist. In addition to being chairman of the board of the Institute and adviser to the president of the Russian Federation, German Sergeevich is still director and owner of Liveinternet, Mediametrics. In addition, GS Klimenko is the creator and leader of List.Ru, TopList and LBE.

German Klymenko Institute for Internet Development

German Sergeevich actively opposes the fullopenness of the Network - suggests banning popular foreign networks in the Russian Federation, restricting Russians' access to certain sites, and completely isolating the Runet from the World Wide Web.

Forum "Sovereignty": support for developers and import substitution software

Having told about the Institute for Internet Development and Klimenko, let's move on to the activities of this organization. So, what is working on the direction of "Sovereignty":

  • Stimulating the creation of domestic software, creating the necessary conditions for developers.
  • Agitation of state bodies to use Russian software, as well as the introduction of public procurement systems for such provision.
  • Import substitution of software: pilot project "Goslinkus".
  • Development of requirements for messengers used by government agencies.

Forum "Media": fight against Internet pirates and protection of legal content

Within the framework of this vector, the IRI embodies projects:

  • Creation of a council dealing with issues related to the protection of copyright on content placed on the Internet.
  • Combating piracy.
  • Promotion of legal content.
  • Non-discriminatory access to residential houses of Internet providers.
  • The emergence of new sources of monetization.

Forum "Trade": new opportunities for online business

This line of work of the Institute for Internet Development (IRI) includes:

  • Encouraging the development of retail exports from the country - simplifying the declaration of goods.
  • Creation of online cash registers.
  • Legalization of the virtual sale of medicines, alcohol, jewelry products.

Finance Forum: The Future of Virtual Cash Settlements

The direction includes two key vectors:

  • Simplify the procedure for online identification of both customers and financial organizations.
  • Increase in the share of non-cash payments, purchases, transfers.

Institute for Internet Development

Forum "Society": accessibility of the Internet and virtual services

Here the Institute for Internet Development is working on:

  • Improving the work of various online services.
  • Increase the availability of virtual services.
  • Support and promotion of social entrepreneurs.
  • Development of unified standards for gossays.

Education Forum: Secure Internet and IT Education Support

IRI has outlined the following areas:

  • Promoting safe Internet for children.
  • Assistance in the interaction of IT universities with relevant commercial organizations.
  • Creation of technoparks, IT laboratories.
  • The ranking of IT-universities.
  • Development of unified standards for the quality of online courses.

Forum "City": formation of the image of "smart cities"

Specialists of the direction "City" are working on:

  • Creation of "Rating of smart cities of the Russian Federation" to encourage the introduction of Internet assistant services.
  • Accelerated introduction and development in the Russian cities of the newest Internet technologies.

Forum "Medicine": to the doctor - via the Internet

This important vector includes:

  • Legalization of remote medical services.
  • Creation of a system for recognition of medical images based on Big Data and neural networks.

Institute for Internet Development Klimenko

All eight directions of the Institute's activitiesthe development of the Internet is designed to make the lives of Russians more comfortable, safer and more saturated. I want to believe that the IRI specialists will not act by the method of strict restrictions and erection of the Internet "iron curtain".

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