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Institute of Proctology in Moscow: types of services

All spheres of medicine are very important.One of them is proctology. Diseases of the rectum and large intestine not only spoil the life of a person, but in some cases can deprive him of his ability to work and even go into malignant processes. The most common problems in the field of proctology are such pathologies as hemorrhoids and anal fissure. These diseases are implicated in very many patients, with the same frequency found in both women and men. Often they are the consequences of childbirth, sedentary lifestyle, constipation, etc. Unfortunately, patients rarely pay attention to these problems, considering them a norm or simply embarrassed to seek medical help. To a specialist lead to more severe conditions, such as paraproctitis, thrombosis or cancer of the rectum. It should be remembered that these surgical pathologies often develop against the background of a banal fissure and inflammation of the hemorrhoids, so their treatment is simply necessary.

Institute of Proctology in Moscow

One of the medical institutions involved inproblems of the large intestine, is the Institute of Proctology in Moscow. It is there that specialists working on the methods of treatment and prevention of these pathologies have been working for many years.

Institute of Proctology in Moscow: history of development

The medical institution was opened in the times ofSoviet Union. Over the years, the Institute of Proctology in Moscow has become a leading center throughout the Russian Federation. In the medical institution, not only scientific research is carried out in the field of intestinal diseases, but also medical activities. Specialists, working in the institute, for many years are engaged in problems of proctology. The staff consists of 9 professors and 12 doctors of medical sciences, which is one of the guarantees for the quality work of this institution. In one year, about 6,000 patients are treated at the coloproctology institute.

Medical facility services

The Institute of Proctology in Moscow is the maininstitution that deals with problems of the large intestine. It is sent to patients whose treatment is not possible in other hospitals because of the complexity of the surgical situation or the insufficiency of medical equipment. Every day in the walls of the Institute complex operations are performed on the large intestine. Of these, the following surgical interventions can be distinguished:

  1. Institute of Proctology in Moscow address
    Hemorroectomy - removal of inflamed nodes in advanced stages of the disease. The operation is conducted in an open, closed and submucosal way.
  2. Removal of a crack in the anal opening.
  3. Opening and draining of acute paraproctitis.
  4. Plastic and reconstructive surgery after injuries and surgical interventions on the intestine.
  5. Correction of developmental anomalies.
  6. Removal of part of the intestine and adjacent lymph nodes during cancer processes.
  7. Microsurgical operations on the organs of the digestive tract.

In addition to these services, the Instituteproctology you can get a high-quality examination of the lower organs of the large intestine. The medical center is engaged in carrying out endoscopic, microbiological, radiation diagnostics. In addition, the institute specializes in diseases of the perineum and pelvic organs.

Structure of the medical institution

The largest institution thatspecializes in problems of the large intestine, in Russia is the Institute of Proctology in Moscow. Address of medical and scientific institution: Saliam Adilya Street, 2. The institute operates 6 days a week from 8.00 to 20.00 hours. The day off is Sunday. The Institute includes a polyclinic building, as well as specialized departments. Among them we can distinguish: oncoproteological and gastroenterological cabinets. In addition, the medical institution has a large operating unit and a diagnostic department.

State Institute of Proctology in Moscow

How to get into the institute of proctology?

You can go to a medical facilityin various ways. The Institute of Proctology is located near the stop "Polezhaevskaya", if you go by metro. To get to the clinic for consultation and treatment of diseases, you must first register. This can be done by calling: 8 (499) 199-29-63 or via the Internet, by going to the official website of the institute. In order to receive a certificate of the services of the institution, you can call the number: 8 (499) 199-39-01.

Institute of Proctology in Moscow reviews

Institute of Proctology in Moscow: feedback

A medical institution is one of the mostdemanded clinics in Russia, specializing in problems of the lower intestine. Positive feedback about specialists can be obtained not only from patients, but also from doctors at any clinic. The State Institute of Proctology in Moscow has many years of experience in scientific and therapeutic activities. Patients who fall into this medical institution are satisfied with the work of doctors and the maintenance of junior staff. The very building of the Institute also leaves pleasant impressions for the patients, thanks to the equipment of the offices and the modern cozy atmosphere.

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