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What is "masaraksh" and what is the effect of this word

С появлением на экранах кинотеатров экранизации a fantastic novel by the Strugatsky brothers "Inhabited Island" and as a result of the popularization of this work, many people did not understand some of the words and expressions used by the characters. For example, what is masaraksh? Some assumed that it was some kind of abstract name. And it seemed to others that this is an invented dialect or the name of an object that does not exist in the real world. And it's almost true. But first things first. In this article, we will talk about the history of the appearance of this word and what is masaraksh.

what is masaraksh

Definition of a word

Masaraksh - this is a common dirty wordinhabitants of the nonexistent planet Saraksh. It was invented by the Strugatsky brothers and is often found in their fantastic novel "Inhabited Island". The word "masaraksh", the translation of which literally means "the inverted world", also occurs in the work of these remarkable authors, "The Beetle in an Ant Hill." There are also more detailed variations of this cursing - "thirty-three times masaraksh", as well as "masaraksh-i-masaraksh."

Origin of the word

In the work of Arkady and Boris Strugatsky"Inhabited island" appearance of this word is connected with cosmogonic representations of inhabitants of Saraksh. The unusually large refraction of light in the atmosphere of this planet raised above the horizon line. As a result, the inhabitants of Saraksh assumed that the surface of their planet is concave. The alternative view that they live on a convex surface, although it arose, did not receive recognition. It was even persecuted by official confession, and supporters of this idea were considered heretics. As a response to this conflict of ideas, an expression emerged that signified an inverted world.

 masaraksh translation

There is also another option for answering the question aboutwhat is masaraksh. The name of the planet Saraksh is consonant with the real geographic object - the village of Saraktash, which is located in the Orenburg region. Here it will be appropriate to note that in another work of the Strugatsky brothers the town of Tashlinsk appears, also formed from the name of the village of Tashla all in the same Orenburg region. And this has its own explanation. During the Second World War, writers were evacuated from Leningrad to this village, and Arkady very often visited Saraktash.

What is "Masaraksh" and what is the cultural influence of this word

Since the late seventies this wordHe gained popularity among the fans of science fiction. So, several fan clubs with the same name are known. In modern slang this word is used as a synonym for an incident that turns everything upside down.

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